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2014-02-11 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Per-mssc allow-adaptations patch, thanks to Jacek Raczkiewicz (jacek at skycore.com)
2013-12-16 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc speed-ups and patches thanks to Jacek Raczkiewicz (jacek at skycore.com)
2012-04-10 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added ability to receive carrier ID info via special HTTP header in SOAP request to mmsbox (a la OpenMarket)
2011-10-11 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed mem leaks in mmsc uaprof module
* Fixed mem leak in get_content_type function
2011-10-03 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed: compilation issue
2011-09-23 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed handling of received MM4_delivery_report.RES in mmsc code (thanks to Franz Schwartau (franzi at eletromail.org)
2011-09-20 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix: MM4_Forward.RES should include original msg ID (thanks to Franz Schwartau (franz at eletromail.org)
2011-09-08 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Exposed more functions in lib (get_stripped_param_value)
* Minor changes to mms_msg module
2011-08-29 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added mygw_free func utility for use in gwlist_destroy and such
2011-07-27 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed UAProf timestamp bug
2011-05-30 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed mm5 parameters usage in mmsc_cfg.c
2011-05-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Further fixes for RFC 2047
* Optimize notification size by default
2011-05-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed parsing of encoded-string-value that contains RFC 2047 text (e.g. To, Cc, Bcc fields)
2011-03-28 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Updated doc to include mmsbox admin interface info
2011-03-24 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Rolled MM1 MM7 module into main MMSBox code
2011-01-28 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix bug in http mmsc module
2011-01-12 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved mmsbox mm1 module -- added gprs-off command for better customisation of gprs on/off sequence
2011-01-06 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* More fixes for strip-prefixes -- now applies to sender address as well
2011-01-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added strip-prefixes option for each mmsc connection (mmsbox)
* Fixed building of shared libs on mac os x
2011-01-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* mm1 mmsbox plugin fix Thanks to Piotr Isajew (pki at ex.com.pl)
2011-01-03 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Don't forget to call dlr URL even for failed transmit (with no retry). Thanks to Piotr Isajew (pki at ex.com.pl)
2010-12-09 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Changes to mmsbox to allow it send multiple recipients per MM7 transaction
2010-11-30 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix in RFC 2047 text handling
2010-11-29 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Add better handling of character sets in mms fields (RFC 2047)
2010-11-26 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for default log level (thanks to Piotr Isajew (pki at ex.com.pl)
2010-11-23 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix in handling of extra mm7 headers
2010-11-16 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor bug fix, patch from Vincent Chavanis <v.chavanis at telemaque.fr>
2010-11-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Better event callback info (MM7 headers, etc)
2010-11-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor compiler error fixes
2010-11-03 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed bug in configure.ac
2010-10-27 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added smtp sender (direct instead of via sendmail command)
2010-10-26 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc bug fixes
2010-10-25 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added MM4 incoming handler for mmsbox
2010-10-22 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Make a lib for mmsbox, make it easier to link external apps to its engine
2010-10-19 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added new func to mms_cfg -- make it easier to implement module-based configuration
* Extended mmsbox_cfg load functions to make it easier to configure using modules
* Added alarm callback, event logging.
2010-09-21 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Patch to allow compilation under FreeBSD 8.1 (thanks to Piotr Isajew <pki at ex.com.pl>)
2010-08-09 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* mmsbox-mm1 change: sleep after each run, so that under high load, we are not
hanging up too soon on modem
2010-08-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed mmsbox-mm1 hangs under load, thanks to Piotr Isajew <pki at ex.com.pl>
2010-07-02 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed crash due to octstr_delete on immutable string in mm7 receiver
2010-05-26 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. patches/cleanups thanks to SATOH Fumiyasu <fumiyas at osstech.jp>
2010-01-25 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* SunOS locking fixes (thanks to Ian Donaldson (iand at ekit-inc.com)
2010-01-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix, throttling in MMSC VASP connections
2009-12-01 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Change queue location for MM1 notifications
2009-11-22 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added au audio format transcoding (thanks to Thilani Abeysinghe <a.thilani at gmail.com>)
2009-10-14 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added Billing info to mmssend (thanks to Vincent CHAVANIS <v.chavanis at telemaque.fr>)
* Fix for automake 1.1 (thanks to Vincent CHAVANIS <v.chavanis at telemaque.fr>)
* MMSC resolver module now takes two extra arguments: src interface (whence message received)
and ID of sender on that interface (e.g. vaspid)
2009-10-13 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor bug in mms_cfg.c -- get_bool fails if using pgsql for configs
2009-09-08 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for compilation on FreeBSD (thanks to Revence Kalibwani)
2009-08-13 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor improvements in mms dump
2009-08-12 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added extra logging to mmsbox_mm1 code
2009-08-06 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved handling of email recipients in mmsbox
* Fixed crash with email recipient
2009-07-07 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Updated License for mmsbox mm1 module
2009-07-02 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added mmsbox mm1 plugin
2009-06-22 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix: GET HTTP request shouldn't have body
2009-05-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* added mmsbox-maximum-request-attempts config param
2009-05-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MMSC fix: don't send subject in notification if size optimisation turned on
* Added mm1-queue-run-interval config option, so that MM1 queue can be processed at different interval
* Fixed: When MM1 notification attempts exceed maximum, do not delete message, rather wait for expiry
* Added mm1-maximum-notify-attempts config option, so that number of MM1 notifications can be controlled
separately from other delivery attempts
2009-03-28 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved pgsql-queue module: re-connect to db if connections die, only allocate as many connections as needed
2009-03-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added strip_type flag (-x) to mmsfromemail
2009-03-03 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added -n flag to prevent stripping of host/domain part from sender address on email2mms interface
2009-03-01 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* pgsql-queue module fix: Connection pool should return only valid (active) connections
2009-02-25 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added ChargedParty MM7/SOAP param to mmsbox
* Fixed: Improper setting of log level
2009-02-24 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Pass MM7/SOAP LinkedID to service url in mmsbox
* Minor improvements in pgsql-queue error reporting
2009-02-16 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved pgsql queue module performance
* MM1 queue changes - expire message even if fetched at least once
* MMSC changes: Allow start of subset of services (MM1, MM7, Relay) on host instance using mmsc-services config variable
2009-02-11 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix: Improved pgsql queue processing -- prevent queue flooding
2009-02-09 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix crash when message format is invalid
2009-02-03 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix: url replacement in SMIL
* Fix: sendmms port setup bug in mmsbox
2009-01-28 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix: mmsbox sendmms default content type
2009-01-22 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix: PGSQL Queue module was not honouring send_time fully
2009-01-21 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix in mmsc: fetch URL
2009-01-17 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved mmsc logging
* mmsc tools other than mmsc no longer attempt to open admin port
2009-01-16 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor update to mmsc mm1 notifier: cleanup
2009-01-12 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fixes: Output from admin interfaces always valid XML
* Minor fixes: admin module
2008-12-24 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved MM1 performance
2008-12-17 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MM1 notify: increase parallelism
2008-12-10 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Extra mbuni headers in mmsbox url service call
* mmsbox EAIF receiver bug fix thanks to Marcin Bockowski (bocian@gmail.com)
* Fix for email2mms handling when mms2email VASP defined
2008-12-09 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MSISDN and IP request headers now list (MMSC)
2008-12-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor patches for better Solaris compatibility (Thanks to Benno Rice <benno@ekit-inc.com>)
2008-12-01 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. fixes to number normalisation in mmsbox
2008-11-26 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added validityperiod sendmms cgi param
* Minor changes to mmsbox CDR logging to improve clarity
* Bug fix denied/allowed mmsc flag in mmsbox
2008-11-21 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor improvements in DLR processing (mmsbox)
2008-11-20 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved DLR status messages in mmsbox
* Minor memory leak fixed in MM7/SOAP processing
2008-11-14 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* PSQL Queue module changes: optionally move message storage to file to improve performance
2008-11-12 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved DLR delivery to external URL (retries) in mmsbox
2008-11-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for base64 decoding in URI with data: schema
2008-10-16 P. A. Bagyenda <bayenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for DLR relaying (mmsbox).
2008-10-02 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added vasp-id param to mmsbox mmsc config (thanks to Christian Theil Have <christiantheilhave@gmail.com>)
2008-09-30 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix in mbuni management interface XML output
2008-09-29 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved mmsbox DLR routing for status Forwarded
2008-09-15 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Order of XML tags in MM7 packet changed (shouldn't matter, but...)
2008-09-12 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved reporting of DLR Message-ID even with relay
2008-09-12 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added facility for appending special response header to each message (mime) part in MM7 response
* Added mmsbox cdr logging
* Improved DLR relay when mmsbox relay used -- msgid rewrite
2008-09-11 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MMSBox HTTP MMSC type added, for inter-mmsbox message relay
* MM5 support, basic infrastructure on the MMSC side.
* Added default-vasid config param to mmsbox 'mmsc' group
2008-09-08 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MMSC admin interface added (start/stop/status of each VASP connection)
* MMSC VASP can now have multiple short codes
2008-09-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix/addition for Content-ID handling
* Generalised event logger module (to facilitate alarms, etc)
2008-09-02 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added admin interface to mmsbox (can now start/stop and see status of any mmsc connection)
2008-09-01 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Rolled mmsrelay + mmsproxy into one item (for easier online management)
2008-08-29 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Changes to doc for config from DLL
* Misc. code re-ordering for mmsbox
2008-08-28 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added ability to load config from a module rather than from file
2008-08-20 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added default mmsc to send-mms-user (Martin)
2008-08-19 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix for Content-ID header in mmsbox (thanks to Vincent Chavanis <v.chavanis@telemaque.fr>)
* Typo fix thanks to Martin Atukunda (matlads@dsmagic.com)
* Fix for 3gp2 mime type (thanks to Vincent Chavanis)
2008-08-14 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Mmsbox will now queue message to email (outgoing) if recipient looks like an email address
2008-08-08 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix to content adaptation: Better handling of supported image types
thanks to George Barros <gbarros@ipcomsa.com>
* Improved stability of mms binary message parser when input is bad
2008-08-06 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Additional fixes for bad message formats causing crash
* Fix for incorrect From and To headers in DLR and RR messages
2008-08-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for crash in mmsproxy with bad message type
2008-07-18 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved scalability for mmsbox - multiple receive handlers for mmc incoming and sendmms interface
2008-07-15 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added file type application/vnd.mbuni.url-list for basic multipart/mixed type
2008-07-10 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed minimum size of pgsql connection pool
* Fix for shutdown procedure
* Copyright notice updates
2008-07-09 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix for FROM address in MM4_delivery_report.REQ packet
2008-07-07 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Move to compile against Kannel-CVS
2008-07-07 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Message-ID fix -- added '@'
2008-07-04 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fixes for PANICs in mms_msg.c
2008-07-01 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix to MM4 interface -- address formatting fix
2008-06-27 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix to MM4 .RES handling: use proxy sendmail command if present
2008-06-26 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added pgsql-queue into build process (configure.ac)
* Misc. Changes to pluggable mmsbox-mmsc interface
2008-06-24 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved queue information: Included source interface
* Extra identifying headers on MMS2Email interface
2008-06-18 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* added qcelp file extension to mime type mapping
2008-05-30 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Changed minimum version of MM7 to 5.1.0
2008-05-30 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added send-mail-prog config param on per-MM4 connection basis
* MM1 fix: If device does not provide a valid WAP Profile URL, allow MMS through anyway.
2008-05-13 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fixups on MM4 interface message coding
2008-05-13 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Separate number normalisation for each MM4 connection.
2008-05-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Normalisation of numbers inside messages as well
* Added strip-prefixes config parameter
2008-04-18 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Various memory leak fixes (thanks to Monchanin Eric @ Skycore)
2008-04-11 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added no-sender-address config to mmsc section: Allows you to
* suppress SenderAddress SOAP/XML tag
2008-03-26 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix: mmsbox mms-service handling of POST parameters where no % spec given
2008-02-17 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Better throughput limit handling in MMSBox (thanks to Vincent Chavanis <vincent@telemaque.fr)
2007-12-21 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Patches to permit compiling on SunOS
2007-12-15 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added allowed-sender-prefix/denied-sender-prefix for mmsc group of mmsbox config
* Added allowed-receiver-prefix/denied-receiver-prefix to mms-service group of mmsbox config
2007-11-27 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Bug fix in mime convertor module
2007-11-07 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added reroute-add-sender-to-subject config param for MMSBox
2007-09-25 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added flag to conditionally remove mm7: XML namespace prefix
2007-09-18 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Support for custom MM7 MMC types using a loadable module.
2007-09-17 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added pluggable MMSBOX routing using loadable module or shell script (see mmsbox_resolve.h)
2007-09-14 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added http-interface-name config parameter
2007-09-06 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added 'extras' directory, containing miscellaneous Mbuni addons.
2007-08-27 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* added 'reroute' and 'reroute-mmsc-id' config. params to VAS GW MMSC configs
2007-08-20 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Generalised MMS Queue handling interface to allow different storage/delivery mechanisms.
2007-08-09 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added send-dlr-on-fetch config param to MMC settings
2007-08-08 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added User-Agent and UAProf URL arguments to call to prov-notify script in MMC.
2007-08-06 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix for DLR reporting in mmsbox (thanks to Skycore team)
* UACapabilities support for MM7/SOAP v6.x (thanks again to Skycore Team)
2007-08-03 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* added mms-direction CGI param to send-mms interface (see doc for additional info)
2007-07-27 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. fixes for DLR reporting, VAS GW
2007-07-13 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Introduced ability to filter MT MMS on the VAS side using a generalized module.
* send-mms interface now allows you to push content by specifying a url using content-url CGI param.
* Various minor fixes.
2007-06-21 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Better configurability of MM7/SOAP namespace URI and MM7 version.
2007-06-12 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved DLR reporting over MM4 interface - set recipient as from address
2007-05-08 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved MIME to MMS conversion conversion
2007-05-05 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor improvements to DLR handling in mmsbox. (Thanks to Vincent Chavanis <vincent@telemaque.fr>)
2007-04-13 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fixups on handling of MM4 Forward ACK messages.
2007-04-12 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved MM7/SOAP message composition: better handling of different schema versions
2007-04-10 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added outgoing Digest/MD5 HTTP authentication support (thanks to Gert Horne <gert@bluetin.co.za> for funding)
2007-04-10 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MM7/SOAP XMLNS string now configurable via setting per-MMC (or per-VASP) interface version
2007-04-02 Vincent Chavanis <vincent@telemaque.fr>
* Added group-id field to VAS GW MMC config
2007-03-20 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Major corrections to MM4 functionality, bringing conformance to 3GPP TS 23.140 (Thanks to Deon van der Merwe <deonvandermerwe@gmail.com> for funding)
2007-03-09 P. A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Patch to fix panic in the event of missing/corrupt data file in queue (Thanks to Deon van der Merwe <deonvandermerwe@gmail.com>)
2007-01-31 Vincent Chavanis <vincent@telemaque.fr>
* Patch to allow controlling content adaptation on mmsbox side from sendmms interface
2007-01-30 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix for MM4 incoming, thanks to Vincent Chavanis <vincent@telemaque.fr> (and
Deon van der Merwe <deonvandermerwe@gmail.com> for testing)
2007-01-24 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix crash for missing error code definition (thanks to Vincent Chavanis <vincent@telemaque.fr>)
2006-12-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Removing '@' from transaction ID (thanks to Mario Noboa
2006-11-29 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MM7/SOAP when Content XML tag missing 'cid:', don't fail
2006-11-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for MM7 VAS GW error code (should be VASPErrorRsp)
2006-11-27 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Kannel dependency now pre-1.4.2 CVS
2006-11-25 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor changes to remove work-arounds for Kannel GWLIB bugs (now fixed
in CVS)
2006-11-18 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for quoting of content type parameters in MIME & HTTP messages
(Message-ID: <c51a177f0611132344s16aaaa3bo46944ce97abfd535@mail.gmail.com>)
2006-11-11 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix in MM7 module (replycharging attribute),
thanks to Michel Martin <michel.marti@objectxp.com>
2006-11-07 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved source organisation (Changelog populated, better version string)
2006-11-03 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Adding version file
2006-10-30 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* mm7: removal of some-url dummy in SOAP header
2006-10-27 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor clean-up: fold *_shell MMSC external modules into main code
2006-10-19 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Quotes around content subtype. Logica MMC parsing badly. Sigh!
2006-10-19 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* updates to MM7/SOAP: Add mm7 namespace to all tags
2006-10-17 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Remove quotes from text/xml content type (to please Logica MMC!)
2006-10-16 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* fix: mm7/soap error code 4004 erroneously reported as 4001
2006-10-12 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Mbuni updated to Kannel 1.4.1 -- initial stab
2006-09-14 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MM7: Minor fix - remove MessageID field from all response types
but SubmitRsp
2006-09-06 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MM7/SOAP fix: correctly map MessageID field to Message-ID on MM1
side configure.ac: add -Wall -O4 flags for gcc (Linux/Mac)
2006-09-02 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MMSC fix: Do not copy DLRs to VASP who receives copies of local
2006-09-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MM7/EAIF: Force the message-id message header to whatever sent by
2006-08-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix: MM7 DeliverRsp should not have message ID parameter
(thanks to Stefan Koenig <s.Koenig@dimoco.at>)
2006-08-11 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added ServiceCode parameter to both sendmms cgi vars, and also
to mms-service
2006-08-07 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Slight bug fixes - syntax issues
2006-07-27 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added message-ID parameter to prov-notify-script
2006-07-17 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* configure.ac fix for freebsd
2006-07-17 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved handling of retrieve-conf message received on send
2006-07-17 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Slight changes in default log file paths (to separate mmsbox
log from mmsc log)
2006-07-14 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Add MIME-Version header to email messages outgoing - check for
short code in globalsender before checking if local recipient
2006-07-13 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for ? char in sendsms url - Minor fix for default
queue run interval (was 0.1, now 5 secs)
2006-06-20 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Allow Send-MMS port to support HTTP POST from HTML-style forms,
including enctype multipart/form-data
2006-06-02 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Add: default message expiration for mmsbox message
2006-05-30 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Initial import - sample mmsbox config
2006-05-30 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* further improvements to HTTP POST data sent by MMSBox to a
service: Always add filename parameter to each variable.
2006-05-29 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MMSbox: Improved sending of data to service - try to send all
parts to look like files
2006-05-29 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Max send attempts does not expire message, only expiry time does
2006-05-29 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* fix: reduce length of trans-id and msgid
2006-05-23 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* fix: allow mmsbox incoming mmsc conn without auth
2006-05-22 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed: double-free in mmsglobalsender
2006-05-15 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Bug fix, failure when x-wap-profile header missing
2006-05-15 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix for send local MMS to VASP
2006-05-13 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* CVS repository change noted in documentation
2006-05-13 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Rationalised MM7 config for MMSC - Moved functions out of mmlib
that do not belong there - Improved logging in mmsproxy -
detokenize module improvements (send full url when no token) -
Add default mms-to-email subject config - Misc. changes
2006-05-08 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* further improvements to detokenizer module usage - send request
IP only to module if token missing
2006-05-08 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Further fixes to detokenizer module usage - Code movement (from
mmlib to more specific mmsc where it is used)
2006-05-08 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* improved detokenizer_shell module: Added default token as "x"
2006-05-08 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* improved detokenizer_shell module: Script now receives 2nd
argument as request-ip
2006-05-06 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix, better detection of IPv6 addresses.
2006-05-06 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved logging of NotifyResp messages om MM1 interface
2006-05-03 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added config param to restrict response from mms-service (VAS
GW) - Added param for headers that should be sent to MMC are
received from mms-service response (VAS GW) - Fixed bug where
omit-empty param for VAS GW was actually ignored
2006-05-02 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor bug fix (double free) in mmsbox
2006-04-19 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor type cast -- compiler warning on 64bit machines
2006-04-18 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor improvements to logging of failed MM7 connections -
Reduced default queue run interval
2006-04-12 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc patches - message-ID format, resolver module fallbacks -
thanks to Dziugas Baltrunas
2006-04-12 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* More mmsbox fixes to please Ericsson MMC - Added 'vasid'
send-mms URL parameter
2006-04-06 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor addition for MM7/SOAP -- add start element MIME type
2006-03-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Further cleanups for MM7/Soap and mmsbox - better error
reporting, better xml content
2006-03-27 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* minor fix to shell-based resolver
2006-03-24 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Changes to mm7/soap module to please java packages (Resin --
SOAP-ENV header prefered) - Removal of outdated config params
2006-03-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix to mmsbox - send_eaif missing X-Mms-Transaction-ID
2006-03-10 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* More graceful crash when config groups mbuni & core missing -
Documentation fixes
2006-03-03 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* improved quoting of args
2006-03-02 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added escaping of shell characters in parameters to sendmail
command - Cleanup documentation (colour schemes)
2006-02-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added missing DeliveryReport header for MM7/SOAP
2006-02-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Email2MMS now uses relay-hosts config rather than relay
prefixes (nod to number portability)
2006-02-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed error in interpretation of DeliveryReport field of
MM7/SOAP - Further cleanups of uaprof module
2006-02-24 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix: Immediate fetch and store of missing UAProf data on demand
2006-02-24 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* remove profile engine startup in mmsrelay and mmssend
2006-02-24 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added gw_assert() calls and better error checking in mms_msg
2006-02-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix for uaprof handling in mmsproxy -- improved fallback
2006-02-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Bug fix in mms_billing_shell.c - honour return value of script
2006-02-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix to mmlib/mms_cfg.c -- added errno.h
2006-02-17 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Moved all config file handling out of Kannel into a Mbuni module
2006-02-09 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Typo fixes
2006-01-23 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Crash fix in mmsbox related to send-mms http interface bug
2006-01-11 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. memory leak fixes (thanks to lool@dooz.org
2006-01-07 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* mmlib fix for missing transaction-id
2005-12-13 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix for User-Agent version number string.
2005-12-12 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* increase max length of storage-directory file name
2005-11-15 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* mms_retrieveconf crash fix: ignore source message type
2005-11-09 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* fix: configure --with-kannel-dir should work
2005-11-06 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Allow host-alias field to contain '/' and other nasty characters
2005-11-04 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved sender/recipient address format checking
2005-10-31 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* update INSTALL file
2005-10-27 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* adding mmlib/.cvsignore
2005-10-25 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Updated documentation and patch for mms-to-email and local mms
vasp handlers
2005-10-25 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added mms-to-email and local mms handler VASP
2005-10-25 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Adding .cvsignore files Small bug fix to mmsmobilesender (if
recipient does not support mms and no message set, do not send
2005-10-23 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* license fixes
2005-10-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Message-ID insertion bug fix
2005-10-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* add makefile.am
2005-10-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixes for message id mis-spelling in encoder/decoder
2005-10-20 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Updates to documentation for new build procedures
2005-10-20 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* CVS cleanup to allow better/easier builds on Debian and others
2005-10-20 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix to ensure shutdown of mmsproxy on signal
2005-10-17 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Update documentation to cover VAS GW changes.
2005-10-17 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Adding license to misc files, changing comment format in
2005-09-27 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added request ip to detokenizer interface
2005-09-27 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Bug fix: Keep message ID constant even when message crosses
multiple interfaces (mm1, mm7, etc)
2005-09-23 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed usage of allow-ip/deny-ip in mmsproxy and mmsbox
2005-09-22 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improvements to mmsproxy (do not free NULL Octstr)
2005-09-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* adding mmsbox.h to cvs
2005-09-15 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixes for http-post-parameters in mmsbox, better handling of
x-mbuni-to header
2005-09-14 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. MM7 and EAIF fixes for MMSBox functionality
2005-09-12 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc bug fixes in mmsbox module
2005-09-09 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MMSBox bug fixes
2005-09-07 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* First implementation of mmsbox functionality, making Mbuni
provide client-side VAS functionality, similar to that provided
by Kannel for SMS.
2005-09-02 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MMSBox init code
* Adding SSL support to Mbuni
2005-09-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Re-organisation of functions and files in preparation for adding
MMSBox functionality
2005-08-03 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* m-retrieve-conf message not deleted from mobile queue after
notification to receiver
2005-07-26 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Corrected use of notify-unprovisioned flag
2005-07-26 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* updates to summary change log
2005-07-15 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added content-adpatation config param to turn on/off content
2005-07-14 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fix: If phone supports content type */* then it accepts even
presentations -- thanks to Mathias Hofmann
2005-07-08 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Kannel patch update: coding of content-id value fixed, fix to
detect charset values in CAPS. Email2MMS: Removed extra email
headers that caused problems for some phones.
2005-07-06 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Attempted fix for string quouting problem!
2005-07-05 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* reverting change to wap/wsp_header.c for quote (")
2005-07-04 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixed mis-counting of send attempts in mmsrelay Improved handling
of email addresses in queue module Removed WSP_QUOTE patch to
kannel's wap/wsp_headers.c -- it appears it is not needed.
2005-07-04 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added support for HTTP proxy host/port a la Kannel (used for all
HTTP outgoing transactions)
2005-07-04 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved reporting via prov-notify script Removed
prov-notify-script-arg config param
2005-07-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* bug fix: insert content-type header in message if missing, try
and guess what it should be by examining message body
2005-07-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* mime conversion bug affecting content adaption fixed
2005-06-23 Martin Atukunda <matlads@dsmagic.com>
* correct typo including mms_mm7soap.c twice, should be
2005-06-23 Martin Atukunda <matlads@dsmagic.com>
* add mms_mm7soap.h to files included by make dist
2005-06-20 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor update to kannel patch
2005-06-15 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* misc. updates
2005-06-02 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* fixed crash in mm7soap proxy
2005-06-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Removed dangerous use of tmpnam()
2005-05-27 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Removed hard-coded reference to /tmp/ directory.
2005-05-26 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix to EAIF module
2005-05-24 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Improved handling of mal-formed binary messages
2005-05-20 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* check for null body when mime converting
2005-05-20 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor code changes to enable warning-free compile with gcc 4.0
2005-05-11 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* fix for non-standard opendir() on reiserfs
2005-05-05 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix to mmsproxy (max number of mmbox messages returned in
2005-05-05 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fix to mmsproxy
2005-05-02 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Update to mbuni-kannel-patch (OMA-OTA code).
2005-04-29 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor bug fix to mm7soap handler -- no crash if http body is
2005-04-25 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixes to documentation
2005-04-25 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor changes to configure script (remove dependencies implied by
kannel dependency)
2005-04-22 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Changes to config file: All queue-directory directives replaced
by single 'storage-directory' directive.
2005-04-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added vaspid to billing and cdr modules
2005-04-20 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* update to Makefile.in
2005-04-19 S<>ren Hansen <sh@warma.dk>
* Added another couple of files missing from the dist
2005-04-19 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* update to mmlib/Makefile.in -- via automake
2005-04-19 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Removing trailing slashes from queue dir name
2005-04-19 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* misc. fixes to view.conf message creation.
2005-04-19 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Changes to queue directory structure (now uses a maildir-style
structure) Misc. fixes.
2005-04-19 S<>ren Hansen <sh@warma.dk>
* Added mms_strings.def to EXTRA_DIST
2005-04-18 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* misc fixes to mmsproxy
2005-04-18 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. fixes to eaif implementation
2005-04-18 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* EAIF implementation, first stab.
2005-04-15 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* misc. code syntax fixes.
2005-04-15 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor code fixes.
2005-04-14 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. documentation updates - for mmsrelay and mm7
2005-04-14 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* mmsglobalsender & mmsmobilsender folded into one -- mmsrelay.
2005-04-14 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MM7/SOAP implementation now tested + misc bug fixes
2005-04-08 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor fixes to mmbox code, more mm7
2005-04-07 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. bug fixes, beginnings of MM7 work.
2005-04-04 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* fixes to detokenizer, added detonizer func + adding of token to
url sent in notification fixed issue with dlsym when using fink's
dlopen removed token comparison in fetch (i.e. rationalised use
of fetch url parameters)
2005-04-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* minor bug fix.
2005-04-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor bug fixes.
2005-04-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added documentation to CVS.
2005-04-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Small fixes for IP address senders in mmsproxy.
2005-04-01 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Minor updates to mmsmobilsender to allow for dumping Ind. PDU
2005-03-31 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Time stamp updates on configure files, removing old mmbox stuff
from mmsmobilesender
2005-03-30 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* added missing autoconf files, updated others.
2005-03-30 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixes for crashing mmsproxy when sender address not found.
2005-03-30 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Misc. updates (autoconf)
2005-03-29 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Slight changes to message decoder.
2005-03-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Updated example conf.
2005-03-28 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Putting configure stuff back.
2005-03-24 S<>ren Hansen <sh@warma.dk>
* Fixed a few memory freeing issues which were probably only
significant on platforms with REALLY braindead malloc/free
2005-03-23 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* updated license in config script
2005-03-23 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Change of License to GPL
2005-03-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added directory for misc patches.
2005-03-21 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* MMbox code, now (mostly) up to speed.
2005-03-19 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added mmbox handler module, fixes to message coder/decoder.
2005-03-19 S<>ren Hansen <sh@warma.dk>
* Added some error checking
2005-03-16 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Fixes to message decoding/encoding after introduction of mmbox
2005-03-16 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Added Soren's changes for optimising size of notification.ind
2005-03-16 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Initial changes for mmbox, addition of removed autoconf files...
2005-03-12 S<>ren Hansen <sh@warma.dk>
* Added configuration parsing for allow-ip-type
2005-03-11 S<>ren Hansen <sh@warma.dk>
* Sends Error-sending-address-unresolved back to unresolved
* Adds detokenizing functionality
* Adds a few example billing, resolver and detokenizer libraries
2005-03-11 S<>ren Hansen <sh@warma.dk>
* Cleaned up the CVS tree
2005-03-10 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Preparing for MMbox changes
2005-03-10 S<>ren Hansen <sh@warma.dk>
* A few references to billing-module should have been to
resolver-module. Fixed.
2005-03-10 Paul A. Bagyenda <bagyenda@dsmagic.com>
* Initial import