support Warenpost International API

there's an updated inema module, supporting a new Warenpost
International API; let's add support for it here.
Harald Welte 2 years ago
parent 5df351493e
commit 824d432937

@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ import logging
from openerp.exceptions import Warning
import pycountry
from inema import Internetmarke
from inema import WarenpostInt
_logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
@ -86,6 +87,141 @@ class DPDeliveryCarrier(models.Model):
last = last,
address = addr)
def conn_auth_wpi(self):
"""Connect to the Warenpost International API"""
config = self._get_config()
partner_id = config['dp_partner_id']
key = config['dp_key']
key_phase = config['dp_key_phase']
pk_user = config['dp_portokasse_user']
pk_passwd = config['dp_portokasse_passwd']
ekp = config['dp_wpi_ekp']
use_sandbox = config['dp_wpi_sandbox']
print(partner_id, key, ekp, pk_user, pk_passwd, key_phase, use_sandbox)
wpi = WarenpostInt(partner_id, key, ekp, pk_user, pk_passwd, key_phase, use_sandbox)
return wpi
def build_wpi_addr(self, wpi, partner):
"""Build a WarenpostInt.Address object from an Odoo partner object."""
def trim_phone(ph):
if not ph:
return None
if len(ph) <= 15:
return ph
ph = ph.replace('-','')
ph = ph.replace(' ','')
return ph
wpi_addr_lines = []
if partner.is_company:
wpi_name =
wpi_name =
wpi_name =
if partner.street2:
wpi_phone = trim_phone(
wpi_fax = trim_phone(partner.fax)
wpi_state = if partner.state_id else None
return wpi.Address(wpi_name, wpi_addr_lines,, partner.country_id.code,, wpi_state, wpi_phone, wpi_fax,
def build_wpi_content_item(self, wpi, line):
"""Build contentPiece from Odoo stock.move (line of a picking)."""
product_uom_obj = self.env['product.uom']
q = product_uom_obj._compute_qty_obj(self._get_default_uom(), line.product_uom_qty, self.uom_id)
product = line.product_id
if product:
if product.x_sysmo_customs_code:
hts = product.x_sysmo_customs_code
raise Warning('Product Variant %s has no HTS defined' % (
if product.x_country_of_origin:
orig = product.x_country_of_origin.code
elif line.product_tmpl_id and line.product_tmpl_id.x_country_of_origin:
orig = line.product_tmpl_id.x_country_of_origin.code
raise Warning('Product Variant %s has no Country of Origin defined' % (
weight = product.weight
elif line.product_tmpl_id:
ptmpl = line.product_tmpl_id
if ptempl.x_sysmo_default_customs_code:
hts = ptempl.x_sysmo_default_customs_code
raise Warning('Product %s has no HTS defined' % (
if ptempl.x_country_of_origin:
orig = ptempl.x_country_of_origin.code
raise Warning('Product %s has no Country of Origin defined' % (
weight = ptempl.weight
if line.procurement_id and line.procurement_id.sale_line_id:
price_unit = line.procurement_id.sale_line_id.price_unit
raise Warning('Line has no procurement or procurement no sale order line?!?')
weight_g = weight * 1000
line_value = q * price_unit
return wpi.build_content_item(weight_g, line_value, q, hts, orig,
def build_wpi_content(self, wpi, picking):
"""Build contentPieces from Odoo stock.picking."""
content = [self.build_wpi_content_item(wpi, x) for x in picking.move_lines]
total = 0.0
for i in content:
total += float(i['contentPieceValue'])
return (content, total)
def wpi_send_shipping(self, pickings):
config = self._get_config()
order = self.env['sale.order'].search([('name','=',pickings.origin)])
recipient = pickings.partner_id
warehouse = pickings.picking_type_id.warehouse_id.partner_id
# determine weight and DP service/product
weight = self._get_weight(order, pickings)
service = self.get_service_by_class(recipient, weight, self.dp_service_class)
if not service:
raise Warning("Service not available for weight!")
# connect to API
wpi = self.conn_auth_wpi()
# build various data structures for the API
wpi_recipient = self.build_wpi_addr(wpi, recipient)
wpi_sender = self.build_wpi_addr(wpi, warehouse)
if self._country_code_outside_eu(recipient.country_id.code):
(wpi_content, total_value) = self.build_wpi_content(wpi, pickings)
wpi_content = []
total_value = 0
wpi_item = wpi.build_item(service.code, wpi_sender, wpi_recipient, weight*1000, total_value,
'EUR',, contents=wpi_content)
# actually create the order + download the label
wpi_res = wpi.api_create_order([wpi_item], 'Max Mustermann')
wpi_res_item = wpi_res['shipments'][0]['items'][0]
png = wpi.api_get_item_label(wpi_res_item['id'], 'image/png')
# build result dict
awb = wpi_res['shipments'][0]['awb']
voucher_id = wpi_res_item['voucherId']
filename = 'WPI'+voucher_id+'.png'
tracking_nr = ' '
if 'barcode' in wpi_res_item:
tracking_nr += wpi_res_item['barcode']
result = { 'exact_price': service.cost_price,
'weight': service.weight,
'date_delivery': None,
'tracking_number': tracking_nr,
'voucher_id' : voucher_id,
'order_id' : awb,
'attachments': [(filename, png)]}
return result
def _get_eu_res_country_group(self):
eu_group = self.env.ref("base.europe", raise_if_not_found=False)
if not eu_group:
@ -99,11 +235,21 @@ class DPDeliveryCarrier(models.Model):
eu_country_group = self._get_eu_res_country_group()
country_id = self.env[''].search([('code','=',country_code)])
if country_id in eu_country_group.country_ids.ids:
if in eu_country_group.country_ids.ids:
return service_class.services_eu
return service_class.services_intl
def _country_code_outside_eu(self, country_code):
"""Is the specified two-digit country code outside the EU?"""
if country_code == 'DE':
return False
eu_country_group = self._get_eu_res_country_group()
country_id = self.env[''].search([('code','=',country_code)])
if in eu_country_group.country_ids.ids:
return False
return True
# determine lowest-matching-max-weight service within same class
def get_service_by_class(self, recipient, weight, service_class):
services = self.get_services_by_country(service_class, recipient.country_id.code)
@ -126,6 +272,8 @@ class DPDeliveryCarrier(models.Model):
def dp_send_shipping(self, pickings):
if self.dp_service_class.is_wpi:
return self.wpi_send_shipping(pickings)[0]
config = self._get_config()
order = self.env['sale.order'].search([('name','=',pickings.origin)])
recipient = pickings.partner_id

@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ class SMCShippingDp(models.Model):
class SMCShippingDpClass(models.Model):
_name = "delivery.carrier.dp.class"
name = fields.Char(string="Name", required=1)
is_wpi = fields.Boolean("Warenpost International")
# list of services in this class for national delivery
services_natl = fields.Many2many(comodel_name = 'delivery.carrier.dp.service',
relation = 'dp_class_natl_services_rel')

@ -12,6 +12,8 @@ class website_config_settings(models.Model):
dp_key_phase = fields.Char('Key Phase', required=1)
dp_portokasse_user = fields.Char('Portokasse User', required=1)
dp_portokasse_passwd = fields.Char('Portokasse Password', required=1)
dp_wpi_ekp = fields.Char('EKP Number', required=1)
dp_wpi_sandbox = fields.Boolean('Use WPI Sandbox environment')
def get_default_dp_values(self, fields):
@ -31,4 +33,6 @@ class website_config_settings(models.Model):
ir_values.set_default('delivery.carrier', 'dp_key_phase', config.dp_key_phase or '')
ir_values.set_default('delivery.carrier', 'dp_portokasse_user', config.dp_portokasse_user or '')
ir_values.set_default('delivery.carrier', 'dp_portokasse_passwd', config.dp_portokasse_passwd or '')
ir_values.set_default('delivery.carrier', 'dp_wpi_ekp', config.dp_wpi_ekp or '')
ir_values.set_default('delivery.carrier', 'dp_wpi_sandbox', config.dp_wpi_sandbox or True)
return True

@ -83,6 +83,7 @@
<field name="name"/>
<field name="is_wpi"/>
<field name="services_natl"/>
<field name="services_eu"/>
<field name="services_intl"/>
@ -97,6 +98,7 @@
<field name="arch" type="xml">
<tree string="package">
<field name="name"/>
<field name="is_wpi"/>
<field name="services_natl"/>
<field name="services_eu"/>
<field name="services_intl"/>

@ -15,6 +15,10 @@
<field name="dp_portokasse_user" class="oe_inline"/>
<field name="dp_portokasse_passwd" class="oe_inline"/>
<group string="Warenpost International">
<field name="dp_wpi_ekp" class="oe_inline"/>
<field name="dp_wpi_sandbox" class="oe_inline"/>
<button string="Apply" type="object" name="execute" class="oe_highlight"/>