[IMP] doc: install: advised wkhtmltopdf version

Also redirect to our builds of wkhtmltopdf 0.12.1 for debian jessie, as
the wkhtmltopdf team does not provide one.
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@ -124,8 +124,10 @@ daemon and automatically start it.
.. danger:: to print PDF reports, you must install wkhtmltopdf_ yourself:
the version of wkhtmltopdf_ available in debian repositories does
not support headers and footers so it can not be installed
automatically. Use the version available on
`the wkhtmltopdf download page`_.
automatically. The recommended version is 0.12.1 and is available on
`the wkhtmltopdf download page`_, in the archive section. As there
is no official release for Debian Jessie, you can find ours on