[FIX] account: included tax with fiscal position

When creating an invoice with a fiscal position(fp) which maps an included tax(itax)
to an excluded tax(etax). Each invoice line mapped by fp must recompute its unit price
to substract the included tax.
Inspired from 503820a

Closes #9811

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Goffin Simon 2015-12-02 10:26:08 +01:00
parent 077a168d4c
commit d9f92ba160
1 changed files with 7 additions and 6 deletions

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@ -1347,13 +1347,16 @@ class account_invoice_line(models.Model):
if product.description_purchase:
values['name'] += '\n' + product.description_purchase
taxes = fpos.map_tax(taxes)
values['invoice_line_tax_id'] = taxes.ids
fp_taxes = fpos.map_tax(taxes)
values['invoice_line_tax_id'] = fp_taxes.ids
if type in ('in_invoice', 'in_refund'):
values['price_unit'] = price_unit or product.standard_price
if price_unit and price_unit != product.standard_price:
values['price_unit'] = price_unit
values['price_unit'] = self.env['account.tax']._fix_tax_included_price(product.standard_price, taxes, fp_taxes.ids)
values['price_unit'] = product.lst_price
values['price_unit'] = self.env['account.tax']._fix_tax_included_price(product.lst_price, taxes, fp_taxes.ids)
values['uos_id'] = product.uom_id.id
if uom_id:
@ -1368,8 +1371,6 @@ class account_invoice_line(models.Model):
if company and currency:
if company.currency_id != currency:
if type in ('in_invoice', 'in_refund'):
values['price_unit'] = product.standard_price
values['price_unit'] = values['price_unit'] * currency.rate
if values['uos_id'] and values['uos_id'] != product.uom_id.id: