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Antony Lesuisse beb5c24adb [ADD] git mailmap and CLA stats 8 years ago
Christophe Simonis 2b2ec07435 [IMP] .gitignore maintenance migration scripts 8 years ago
Denis Ledoux 3f6f43214f [FIX] replace .bzrignore by .gitignore, as we are now working with git 8 years ago
--global 1b40b5b37a [IMP] [BACKPORT] Converto bzrignore to gitignore, like what has been done in master. 8 years ago
Xavier Morel f1416728e7 [FIX] port trunk bzrignore to gitignore 8 years ago
Guillermo Bisheimer 8c8edf0f97 Add *:pyc compiled files to .gitignore 9 years ago
Xavier Morel e1d14f593b [ADD] convert bzrignore to gitignore 9 years ago
Jimmy Angelakos 7d7a23306c Update .gitignore, disabled 03-shebang.patch 14 years ago
P. Christeas 9a4378e93a Initial commit, .gitignore 14 years ago
P. Christeas 5ffd2657b6 Add .gitignore 14 years ago