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Jos De Graeve 92bfe3208a [FIX] stock: speed up backorder creation in barcode ui
Set no_recompute to True
in order to speed up barcode picking UI

This is done for the same reason than
merged through #6754.

The remaining quantities will be computed in the
`do_transfer` method, thanks to the call

There is therefore no need to recompute
the remaining quantities for each pack operation.

Closes #9142
2015-10-20 10:34:15 +02:00
Denis Ledoux 5a4884f017 [FIX] stock: update inventory wizard, default location_id
In a multi-company environment, you might not
have the access to the stock location
in such a case, you should not set it as default value.

This is a regression of revision 9bf6f0310e

2015-10-19 17:04:26 +02:00
Martin Trigaux 92e921bed2 [FIX] project: untranslated terms
Were not present in .pot files
Re-export all project related modules
Fixes #9119
2015-10-19 08:50:05 +02:00
Odoo Translation Bot a7c474b3a7 [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex 2015-10-18 03:00:56 +02:00
Josse Colpaert f102a8bc23 [FIX] stock: in assign method, to force_assign moves should avoid duplicates courtesy of Wolfgang Taferner closes #8522 2015-10-16 15:12:36 +02:00
Goffin Simon b00f0185a2 [FIX] models: read_group on many2one fields
When making on model A a read_group with groupby equal to a many2one field F1 to a model B
which is ordered by a inherited not stored field F2, the group containing all the
records from A with F1 not set was not returned.

model A= "hr.applicant"
model B= "res.users" (_order = "name,login")
inherited model= "res.partner"
field F1= "user_id"(to "res.users)
field F2= "name"(inherited from "res.partner")

In this example, the query generated by the function "read_group" was:

SELECT min( AS id, count( AS user_id_count , "hr_applicant"."user_id" as "user_id"
FROM "hr_applicant" LEFT JOIN "res_users" as "hr_applicant__user_id" ON ("hr_applicant"."user_id" = "hr_applicant__user_id"."id"),"res_partner" as "hr_applicant__user_id__partner_id"
WHERE ("hr_applicant"."active" = true) AND ("hr_applicant__user_id"."partner_id" = "hr_applicant__user_id__partner_id"."id")
GROUP BY "hr_applicant"."user_id","hr_applicant__user_id__partner_id"."name","hr_applicant__user_id"."login"
ORDER BY  "hr_applicant__user_id__partner_id"."name" ,"hr_applicant__user_id"."login"

which always returned "hr.applicant" groups of records with a "user_id" set due to the inner join maked on res_partners.

This inner join on "res_partner" is coming from function "add_join" calling by "_inherits_join_add"
in _generate_order_by_inner.

Introduced by dac52e344c

2015-10-16 12:11:31 +02:00
Carlos Almeida 1fdd5cf975 [FIX] base: BRL currency position to before value
Closes #9098
2015-10-16 11:35:55 +02:00
Nicolas Martinelli de1fb68444 [FIX] google_calendar: fix error type
The call to delete_an_event calls the method _do_request, which will
throw a urllib2.HTTPError.

2015-10-16 10:26:41 +02:00
Goffin Simon a8fa06867b [FIX] procurement_jit_stock: Cancelled MO
To avoid running  procurement in exception or cancel state.

Before the fix:

After cancelling a MO, when recreating the delivery order linked to the sale order in state
"Shipping Exception" the system generated 2 more copies of MO (1 Extra) instead of just one
for the cancelled MO.

After the fix:

Just one MO is recreated for the cancelled MO.

2015-10-16 09:04:09 +02:00
Nicolas Martinelli 8d4ca3d787 [FIX] mail: localize display date in chatter
This will display the localized date in the chatter.

Closes #9038
2015-10-15 15:02:03 +02:00
Nicolas Lempereur ba9771d6ec [FIX] website_membership: don't display old as members
Follow-up of 5ac77c9 which solved the issue when an association was
selected, but not when "All Members" was choosen.

Before this commit, the displayed membership lines would only be the
paid ones, if an association (membership product) was selected. With
this commit this is also the case when no such association is selected.

This commit also correct the member counts in the "country" list :

* with "All members" the free members were not in the counts,
* with not "Free member", the counts didn't took the eventual current name search.

closes #9083
2015-10-15 12:08:51 +02:00
Martin Trigaux 5575f98db1 [FIX] account: missing terms in .pot file 2015-10-15 08:46:39 +02:00
Nicolas Lempereur b0a4dd0127 [FIX] workflow: don't process workitem several times
In some complex use case of a workflow instance with several workitems,
a given workitem processing could itself somewhat recursively process
one of the following workitems.

This situation was currently not taken into account, so in that given
case, the already processed workitems would be processed again.

2015-10-14 17:37:13 +02:00
Denis Ledoux fc1f3b3424 [FIX] account_analytic_analysis: integer out of range
When reading the view
through the function fields using `_analysis_all`,
it could lead to an
`integer out of range` if you have a bunch of
`res.users` and or `account.account`. Casting
the multiplication of the integers to a double
solves the issue.

2015-10-14 16:41:00 +02:00
David Monjoie fa48e6f485 [IMP] website_sale: sale_get_order avoid useless sql request
Avoid an sql request when sale_order_id is None.
Improvement of 6b6d7310c0.
Closes PR #8974.
2015-10-14 11:59:54 +02:00
Mohammed Barsi 600bfbdc43 [CLA] Signed CLA for Mohammed Barsi (barsi) 2015-10-14 11:03:14 +02:00
Denis Ledoux 8209368b02 [FIX] web: current transaction is aborted
This reverts commit bd9cbdfc41.

The above revision solved the SQL constraints not being
translated when raised. They were not translated because
the context, containing the lang, was not located as expected
in the `kwargs` dict.

While it solved this issue, it had as side-effect to raise
`current transaction is aborted,
commands ignored until end of transaction block` errors more
often when using the web client.

This can be explained by the double check, when the first
check raised this error
- which can happen, e.g. when the cursor is closed,
there is a retry mechanism in such cases -
and by the fact the transaction was not rollbacked.

This issue could have been solved as well by rollbacking
the transaction, but it is regarded as not-so-clean.

Therefore, to solve this issue, while still having
the SQL constraints translated, we apply the
second patch proposed in bd9cbdfc41
commit message, which is not-so-clean as well, but
which is a proper solution.

2015-10-13 17:12:34 +02:00
Raf Ven 38c9deeab4 [FIX] sale: Wrong filter definition
'state', 'in', ('draft') is an invalid definition, ('draft') is not a tuple
should have been ('draft',)

Replacing by simpler 'state', '=', 'draft'

Fixes #8115
Closes #9016
2015-10-13 10:47:48 +02:00
Leonardo Pistone 3349187aab [FIX] stock: propagate owner to backorder moves
When delivering partially a picking in which the moves
had an owner (`restrict_partner_id`) set,
the owner were not kept in the backorder moves.

Closes #4693
2015-10-12 17:47:29 +02:00
Raphael Collet e410d7d7e7 [FIX] orm: always save boolean function fields, even when they are false
Fixes #4292: searching for records when a related boolean field is `False`
always returns nothing.
2015-10-12 17:26:40 +02:00
Antoine Huvelle 19668013ad [FIX] stock_landed_cost: domain on expense account
In the landed cost types form view
(landed costs types being nothing else than `product.product`),
we force users to choose an account of type `other`,
in order to prevent them from entering wrong data,
other types of accounts,
or receive an error message when setting a view account type.

This domain is actually the domain already applied in the
regular `product.template` and `product.product` form
view, thanks to `account.product_template_form_view`

Closes #4719
2015-10-12 17:15:28 +02:00
Christophe Matthieu 2f842d1703 [FIX] web: assertion error when save after speed multi delete in one2many
To reproduce use a form view with a one2many editable list and create a lot of lines. Then click a few times quickly on the delete.
If the user click at least two times on delete of a same record, the dataset add the id in "to_delete" the virtual id because "to_create" doesn't contains the virtual id of the record deleted previously.

E.g.: create a "Customer Payments" and select a "Customer" and "Payment Method" who generate a lot of "Credits" lines.
2015-10-12 17:15:28 +02:00
Raphael Collet 8ea17a8cc9 [FIX] orm: always save boolean function fields, even when they are false
Fixes #4292: searching for records when a related boolean field is `False`
always returns nothing.
2015-10-12 16:38:17 +02:00
Commandant Custo 1881a13699 [FIX] sale: report: find sales of subcategories
When searching for sales of a specific category,
display the products of the whole category subtree.
Consistent with:
* 633df8dc92

Closes #4631
2015-10-12 15:43:36 +02:00
Alexis de Lattre bc3666aed5 [FIX] point_of_sale: redundance in report.pos.order search view
Avoid double entry in search filters of POS reporting.
Replace by 2 other usefull filters.

Closes #4600
2015-10-12 15:38:28 +02:00
Damien Bouvy 156b33c89a [IMP] website_quote: prevent double clicking on the confirm button
Double clicking on the confirm button was actually possible and could confirm the orders multiple times (which could be problematic if some action are linked to the so confirmation)
2015-10-12 14:39:41 +02:00
Damien Bouvy 486cd33091 [FIX] website_quote: prevent modifying the quote state if it's already been processed
Before this fix, it was possible to validate then cancel a quote (or the other way around) simply by using two tabs in your browser. From now on, we only validate/cancel a quote if it's the 'sent' state and advise the customer of the situation if he tries to abuse the process.
2015-10-12 10:43:46 +02:00
Humberto Arocha 81418ec14e [FIX] stock_landed_costs: avoid useless multiple writes
Initialise quant_dict inside for loop as doing outside loops
renders to be a quadratic write of quant object due to the fact that
previous quants are kept each time a new valuation line is read.
In case of posting a Landed Cost record with a huge amount of cost_lines
and huge amount of stock_move having several quants would result in a
extra overhead.

Closes #9005
2015-10-12 10:40:26 +02:00
eLBati c862b2f37a [FIX] doc: web howto 2015-10-12 10:24:21 +02:00
eLBati c9d5117a2d [FIX] l10n_it: account types.
Without this, balance sheet and profit & loss do not display parent accounts

Closes #8925
2015-10-12 09:53:01 +02:00
Odoo Translation Bot 5dd33e8ca6 [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex 2015-10-11 03:04:31 +02:00
Christophe Simonis c4844675b8 [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to a6b11a1 2015-10-10 14:35:44 +02:00
Christophe Simonis a6b11a151e [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to f8b56e4 2015-10-10 14:25:35 +02:00
Xavier Morel 14d7e20def [FIX] project: don't copy remaining hours when duplicating tasks
Since we're not duplicating work items when duplicating tasks during
project duplication, it doesn't make sense to duplicate the
likely correspondingly adjusted remaining hour.

Behave as if the planned hours had just been set/reset and set the
remaining hours of the new task to that instead.

fixes #8985
2015-10-09 18:57:46 +02:00
Joren Van Onder 617ba72a9d [IMP] point_of_sale: add remote debugging capabilities to the posbox
Sometimes it's useful to ssh into a posbox to quickly troubleshoot an
issue. Talking customers through port forwarding is very difficult
however. We use ngrok to solve this issue.

This implements an interface that allows a user to enter an ngrok
authentication token. After this, ngrok can be started and we should be
able to remotely connect.

Note that ngrok does NOT run by default on the posbox. It can only be
started manually by the user.
2015-10-09 09:38:09 +02:00
Joren Van Onder 3726612735 [FIX] point_of_sale: rm with -f does not return non-zero 2015-10-09 09:38:09 +02:00
Joren Van Onder b25af944a1 [FIX] point_of_sale: remove raspi-config message on posbox
Every time the posbox boots it would say something like:

This raspberry pi is not configured, please run raspi-config

Which is a leftover from the original raspbian image. Raspi-config is
removed on the posbox because we don't need it.
2015-10-09 09:38:09 +02:00
Joren Van Onder 546a1d4a32 [IMP] point_of_sale: support Wi-Fi on the posbox
This allows people to connect the posbox to networks using a wireless
network adapter.

When plugging in a USB Wi-Fi adapter and no network cable, the posbox
will boot and host its own Access Point called "Posbox". Users can
connect their device to this network and can then connect to the posbox
the usual way.

An interface for has been provided that also allows users to instruct
the posbox to connect to a different Wi-Fi network. This is useful when
the client is not running Odoo locally.

It is also possible to make this configuration persistent. With a
persistent Wi-Fi network configuration, the posbox will always try to
connect to the specified network after a reboot.

Attempts have been made to make the Wi-Fi connection as robust as
possible. Upon connection loss, the posbox will automatically attempt to
2015-10-09 09:38:09 +02:00
Alexandre Fayolle a0a4ec6374 [FIX] hr: fix hr.department name_get
hr.department name_get would crash when called with a single id.

Closes #8459
2015-10-09 09:29:38 +02:00
tv-openbig 1423cef6fc [IMP] l10n_de: better defaults values for digits and taxes of l10n_de
The current default values leads to standard proposals of 6 digits
account numbers and in many cases wrong default tax settings. The fix
prevents most users to apply manually the right settings of digits and
default taxes.

Closes #8837
2015-10-08 16:50:38 +02:00
tv-openbig 57bd14ab15 [CLA] signature for Thorsten Vocks 2015-10-08 16:50:26 +02:00
JoshuaJan 7aaffedd21 [FIX] crm: merge opportunities for stages in 'both' type
A crm.lead will either be a lead or an opportunity but a stage can also have
the 'both' type so it should be matched in the domain.

Closes #8434
2015-10-08 13:58:09 +02:00
Mack f8b56e4f40 [FIX] hr_payroll: total_wage return format
Field removed in 9.0 at 04cebbd (because useless). This avoids an error if read.
cf #8781
2015-10-08 12:20:29 +02:00
Xavier Morel 92d1ecdefb [IMP] doc: note about XMLRPC + Odoo Online
Also added some styling for guilabel as it was indistinguishable from
regular body text.
2015-10-08 12:03:01 +02:00
Jesús Alan Ramos Rodríguez 7e3c3853e0 [CLA] corportate signature for Jarsa 2015-10-07 15:56:06 +02:00
zbychu555 6682bde8a2 [FIX] doc: for Custom Widgets tutorial 2015-10-07 14:58:00 +02:00
Joren Van Onder f008240411 [FIX] hw_escpos: certain Epson printers do not identify as a printer
We search for USB devices that identify as a printer through their
DeviceClass or one of their InterfaceClasses. The issue is a lot of
printers use vendor-specific Device/InterfaceClasses.

Apparently the Epson TM-T88IV is one of those devices. So in order to
work around this, we now first look for a USB device that identifies as
a printer. If those do not exist, we pick the first Epson device, if
those do not exist we pick the first Star device.

Perhaps we should instead start using some kind of probe-based approach
to identify ESC/POS compatible devices.
2015-10-07 13:03:46 +02:00
bramsi 979d23ad8c [FIX] mrp: name_search where args is not defined
In case of name_search with no args (default None, see #8492 for example of
valid scenario, during import)
Construct the domain correcty.

Fixes #8492
2015-10-07 12:50:32 +02:00
bramsi 4f2bd0b9ea [CLA] signature for bramsi 2015-10-07 12:50:25 +02:00
Wolfgang Taferner 29d28b05e4 [FIX] account_check_writing: modify voucher amount without company
The code used the key vals['company_id'] while it was not checked it was present
in the write call (and it should not necessary).
If a key is not present, browse the record instead.

Fixes #8906
2015-10-07 12:14:30 +02:00