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Pinakin Nayi (OpenERP) 91c6b897e9 [Imp]web description in rst format 11 years ago
Ajay Chauhan (OpenERP) 7decd8085d [IMP] : Update Description for modules 11 years ago
Olivier Dony 601da46064 [FIX] manifest flag 'active' was renamed to 'auto_install' a while ago 11 years ago
Vo Minh Thu ed2b473350 [IMP] all manifest files: removed white space, moved the description to a multi line string. 11 years ago
Naresh (OpenERP) b193fc9108 [IMP]:added temporary description in web addons modules to avoid server warnings log the official description is yet to be decided by web team 11 years ago
Antony Lesuisse 77a3624fa1 [IMP] set module category to Hidden 11 years ago
niv-openerp bce36d2dad [imp] desactivated auto loading of web_hello 12 years ago
Christophe Simonis 01eff42ca2 [ADD] key in manifest allowing auto loading of modules 12 years ago
Antony Lesuisse bedfc48dcf rename base into web part1 12 years ago
niv-openerp ea9b60393e [imp] desactivated stupid hello module 12 years ago
Antony Lesuisse 5fabf04810 base_hello manifest 12 years ago