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Christophe Simonis 88e8107e01 [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to 505e308 2015-07-14 15:13:03 +02:00
Christophe Simonis 505e308cd6 [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to e12cece 2015-07-14 15:00:33 +02:00
Olivier LAURENT e12cecea9d [FIX] tools: separator in po comments
Comments in .po(t) files for translations of type "code" (e.g. field labels)
specify the path to the file containing the translation. This path should be
OS-independent to get the same result whatever the plateform the instance is
running on.
Closes #7561
2015-07-14 11:40:16 +02:00
Jonathan Nemry (ACSONE) 1bc2608490 [FIX] base: add missing context
Propagates context when calling method 'attributes' of ir_qweb
Closes #7582
2015-07-14 11:08:20 +02:00
Daniel Reis e20cf77ce0 [FIX] cli: Backport client command discovery optimization
Lazy load modules to avoid import of unmet dependencies such as ldap.
2015-07-12 16:40:55 +02:00
Odoo Translation Bot 99a7d530e0 [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex 2015-07-12 01:51:44 +02:00
Christophe Simonis 9654b54d3c [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to b15461b 2015-07-10 16:46:40 +02:00
Christophe Simonis b15461baba [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to 1d01872 2015-07-10 16:30:48 +02:00
Christophe Simonis 6e73a31146 [FIX] base: ir.qweb: fault tolerant save of assets.
Do not fail if an asset cannot be cached into the database.
2015-07-10 16:10:59 +02:00
Dariusz Żbikowski 0f4399bb7b [FIX] address format in polan
Address format in Poland looks like:

Legionów 93
91-072 Lodz


Closes #2416
2015-07-10 11:37:34 +02:00
David Beal d780f9476d [FIX] res.currency: allow duplication
Currencies must be unique per company.
Therefore, without this revision, adding `(Copy)`
to the currency name on duplication, this
is simply not possible to duplicate a currency.

Closes #2443
2015-07-09 17:15:30 +02:00
Nicolas Martinelli f3e4d0a2e8 [FIX] openerp: export None instead of False in raw_data mode
If we export False or an empty string, the Excel export will consider the field
similarly to a boolean, and en empty value will be converted into "=False()" in
Excel. To prevent this, we return "None" in the following cases:

- String
- Date
- Datetime
- Selection
- Reference
- Many2one
- RelationalMulti

Introduced by 6243d18

2015-07-09 11:49:04 +02:00
andreparames 067fd2f342 [FIX] models: don't assume ids are ints in sorted()
Some models (e.g. calendar.event), use "virtual" ids which are not represented
as integers. It was not possible to use sorted method on those models as calling
int() is failing.

This commit fixes the method, making it agnostic to the type of the
'id' member variable.

Fixes #7454
2015-07-08 15:00:32 +02:00
Temur Vibliani 0eeab361d9 [FIX] tools: Added Georgian Language to the installable languages 2015-07-08 11:51:35 +02:00
Denis Ledoux f86d5870fc [FIX] Preferred address format
According to the USPS, separating the city name
and the zip code with a comma is acceptable,
but the preferred format omits the comma.

2015-07-08 11:13:46 +02:00
Nicolas Lempereur e33baecfa3 [FIX] osv: binary size already in human format
In version 8.0, postgresql's pg_size_pretty function is used
( when
getting the size of a binary field when reading if `bin_size`
or `bin_size_[col_name]` is set in the context.

So in 8.0 the size of a binary field get units bytes, kB, MB, GB and TB
which was not taken into account. e.g: '5.3 GB'.

This fix uses the size of the string to choose to differenciate the two.

e.g: '10000 bytes' (the longest size) will be returned directly, but
for something longer the human size of the content length will be

There is a corner case if a file is shorter than 12 bytes but
it is an enough of a small scenario with small implications that it is
deemed acceptable.

closes #7485
2015-07-07 19:17:43 +02:00
Christophe Simonis 00afd776fd [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to dbe60c7 2015-07-07 15:42:58 +02:00
Christophe Simonis dbe60c7bce [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to 3add4f6 2015-07-07 15:40:31 +02:00
Martin Trigaux 3add4f665c [FIX] tools: accept multilines on_change
Allow to write on_change on several lines (accepted by view parser but was not
by yaml parser, making false positive at 595216b)
2015-07-07 15:36:15 +02:00
Christophe Simonis acc7d20ea9 [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to ac865c8 2015-07-07 15:12:41 +02:00
Christophe Simonis ac865c8a78 [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to 9fa7624 2015-07-07 13:58:35 +02:00
Nicolas Lempereur 0920c2fae0 [FIX] web: sort tree view by id
Previously, if the ID column was displayed it was not sortable.

The particular case added 247c1972 is no longer needed with the new api,
id is in the list of existing fields (see xmo comment in #7461).

closes #7487, closes #7461
fixes #7459
2015-07-07 12:32:38 +02:00
Xavier Morel 95e56a109d [ADD] doc: new theme
Pretty much completely rewritten theme with custom HTML translator and a
few parts of the old theme extracted to their own extensions.

Banner images thought not to be that huge after all, and not worth the
hassle of them living in a different repository.

co-authored with @stefanorigano
2015-07-07 11:22:50 +02:00
Samus CTO 6490c62e5d [FIX] mail: backport of rev 752a07c to 8.0
[FIX] res.partner.find_or_create() should match using =like

Otherwise may match
2015-07-07 08:52:44 +02:00
Leonardo Donelli 207cf92a0c [DOC] openerp: add missing parameter for search method
The `search` method of models has an additional keyword parameter, `count`.

It not being specified in the docs could lead people to inherit `search`
without defining it, which would result in a `TypeError` when called with

Closes #7451
2015-07-06 14:26:46 +02:00
Odoo Translation Bot fe3835faff [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex 2015-07-05 01:52:32 +02:00
Frédéric van der Essen fdb9aa29bf [FIX] base: verifying python external dependencies was failing on OSX. 2015-07-03 13:55:52 +02:00
Jeremy Kersten f07be4b675 [REF] base, wesbite_crm: remove placeholder for phone
Some people visiting website doesn't understand that it's a
placeholder and call to Odoo because they see the number on the website.
2015-07-02 15:53:36 +02:00
Matthieu Dietrich f2c807d99d [IMP] account_report_company: performance on partner name_search
The field display_name is present in account_report_company but not in base
on the res.partner (has been added in v8 in base).
Create a hook method to keep using the slow CASE in base and switch to the
faster display_name when installing account_report_company.
2015-07-02 14:10:23 +02:00
Denis Ledoux 49cc4b9d4e [FIX] base: typoe, referencable -> referenceable 2015-07-02 12:59:36 +02:00
andreparames dae0d407c0 [ADD] base: LGPL as possible module license
Keeping in mind than the AGPLv3 core still propagates the license to other
Fixes #6914
2015-07-02 11:50:40 +02:00
Antonio Espinosa c65fe46569 [FIX] base: runtime error in address_get if ids is empty
Closes #7359
2015-07-02 11:23:34 +02:00
Martin Trigaux 2758aaa6f8 [IMP] models: sanitize error messages in import
Revert 83282f2d for a cleaner sanitizing earlier in the generation of the error

If the import is failing, the error message contains the value that is
problematic. Escape this value in case it contains '%'
2015-07-01 17:04:48 +02:00
Raphael Collet 0939738479 [IMP] fields: speedup of `convert_to_cache` for x2many fields
The algorithm's complexity changed from O(n²) to O(n).
2015-07-01 13:49:14 +02:00
Odoo Translation Bot 2326bb7a54 [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex 2015-07-01 10:45:16 +02:00
Nicolas Lempereur 45faa3a941 [FIX] base: fixing fix, attachment file size and None
In commit 44f2c8d54 we unified the return value of the function to int,
but it seems the returned size could be None which is not a valid input
of the int() built-in function.
2015-07-01 10:12:24 +02:00
Daniel Reis 8880edd4fb [FIX] cli: start command path option does not work
Using the `start` CLI command with the `--path` or `-p` option arrors with: error: no such option: --path

This is because the `--path` option is passed on the server start routine,
and it's invalid there.
A workaround is to remove those command options from the arguments passed
to the main() server start.

Closes #5896
2015-06-30 13:57:14 +02:00
Christophe Simonis 066e41b63d [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to 31f2a1b 2015-06-30 13:33:35 +02:00
Christophe Simonis 31f2a1bc38 [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to 1c0bc7c 2015-06-30 12:47:27 +02:00
Mohammad Alhashash 83282f2dea [FIX] models: Escape `%` characters from error messages of a failed import
To prevent susbtituion exception when creating use error message
e.g. No matching record found for external id 'fo%o' in field 'Bar'
Fixes #5933
2015-06-29 16:50:33 +02:00
Martin Trigaux 1c0bc7cc16 [FIX] server: backport of 3940a096 on psutil
psutil 3.0 removed get_momory_info method
create wrapper method for backward compatibility
2015-06-29 16:09:42 +02:00
Odoo Translation Bot acc1b525fa [I18N] Update translation terms from Transifex 2015-06-29 08:42:08 +02:00
Xavier Morel f5b88f6309 [IMP] minor perf improvement during tests
During tests, some creation of user records would unnecessarily trigger
password reset or set a password, both of which would trigger password
hashing which takes some time (for good reasons).

Fix by:
* passing no_reset_password in YAML tests and some Python tests still
  missing it (a number of Python tests already used it)
* removing passwords from YAML records as they're never necessary, the
  test user records are not expected to ever log in
2015-06-26 14:22:29 +02:00
Developer Team bf0630e427 [FIX] tools: add support for transparency of PNG images
Fixes #2569
Closes #6260
2015-06-25 18:51:03 +02:00
Xavier Morel d1a19bcb7f [IMP] base: performances of view._check_xml
View validation accounts for a fair cost of module installation, most of
that is spent checking for view validity, and a significant fraction
of *that* is spent reading the validated view from the DB.

Turns out _check_xml requested *all* view fields even though it needed
none of them save for the arch. Specifying fields to read_combined
rather than fetching all fields seems to result in a ~30% speedup of
_check_xml (under line_profiler). Most of the rest is spent fetching
sub-views (in get_inheriting_view_arch), I don't know that it can be
improved without hand-crafting a fairly complex SQL request.
2015-06-25 10:39:55 +02:00
Miku Laitinen f5dd09dd84 [ADD] base: Finnish address format 2015-06-25 08:47:05 +02:00
Laetitia Gangloff 1511e788cf [FIX] fields: error if there is no value when convert a many2many relation
Closes #1165
2015-06-24 16:52:05 +02:00
Christophe Simonis b8bf1e0905 [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to ea659cb 2015-06-24 12:37:08 +02:00
Christophe Simonis ea659cbd87 [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to 16a545b 2015-06-24 12:34:03 +02:00
Xavier Morel 11ba4689b1 [IMP] running speed of some tests & new testcase type
Some tests (e.g. mail) have expensive and significant DB setup for a
number of small and cheap tests. Using a TransactionCase, the DB setup
far dominates the tests themselves, by up to 10x (mail unit tests take
~130s on my machine, the tests themselves take ~15s).

The SavepointCase introduced here is an hybrid of SingleTransactionCase
and TransactionCase: it uses a single transaction for all tests in a
class, but each test case is isolated by a rollbacked savepoint. This
allows a common DB setup (via setUpClass) while keeping independent

TransactionCase should remain the primary test case superclass, but
SavepointCase can be a fair optimisation when setup costs far dominate.
2015-06-23 16:38:14 +02:00