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Aaron Bohy 9ebfa11b8c [FIX] Packaging, Scaffolding: template files extension
Add .template as extension of the template files because RPM packaging
produces an error when trying to compile the python template files,
which contains Jinja instructions.

Include *.template files in to package them.
2015-03-02 16:38:34 +01:00
Toilal 2e9e100d20 [FIX] Packaging: include all files from scaffold templates in
closes #5393
2015-02-27 12:04:08 +01:00
Aaron Bohy 59a7615d3c [FIX] Packaging: exclude *.hg* in
This fixes the lintian warning package-contains-vcs-control-file
for Debian packaging.
2015-01-23 11:11:27 +01:00
Simon Lejeune 7eb9c7e1f5 [FIX] packaging: debian: include less files in MANIFEST.IN 2015-01-14 16:06:54 +01:00
Simon Lejeune 24b2c93814 [FIX] Packaging: include relevant files
As opposed to before, the source package includes requirements.txt,
LICENCE and the Note: avoiding to chip openerp.egg-info
leads to weird issues so let's just keep it at the moment.
2014-11-28 16:40:56 +01:00
Simon Lejeune 56b6c2fee4 [FIX] packaging: include RML & xsl in 2014-10-10 18:12:07 +02:00
Simon Lejeune 735924878f [REF] setup: cleanup and linting of, reworked MANIFEST, added requirements.txt 2014-09-02 14:13:00 +02:00
Antony Lesuisse fd21912cfe [FIX] move back setup to root 2014-06-23 12:50:57 +02:00
Antony Lesuisse d4624fa826 [IMP] repository cleanup
- move packaging stuff to setup
- remove historical stuff
- remove oe, odoo-cmd-fme will be merged with the convered commands
- add an script to run odo and boostrap it
- simplify README
- prepare to move documentation to the github wiki
2014-05-29 18:33:04 +02:00
Christophe Simonis 86fb92d68a [FIX] update to include openerp-gevent and oe binaries
bzr revid:
2014-01-14 17:12:02 +01:00
Vo Minh Thu d276f15825 [FIX] replaced with
bzr revid:
2013-03-01 15:12:12 +01:00
Antony Lesuisse fd67e605f4 [FIX] packaging sdist includes everything
bzr revid:
2011-10-03 19:52:06 +02:00
Antony Lesuisse d1e40a55af [IMP] directory cleanups, moved historical cruft into history
bzr revid:
2011-09-26 02:54:44 +02:00
Vo Minh Thu dab2f60800 [REF] debian:
- removed no more needed patches
- added python-dateutil as dependency
- removed code to specify modules to add in the server
- added the debian directory to the sdist

bzr revid:
2011-03-28 14:29:58 +02:00
Vo Minh Thu 79ed98fd14 [MERGE] merge from trunk.
bzr revid:
2011-03-21 14:23:18 +01:00
Julien Thewys b1a488d1de [FIX] win32 build script works again (fixes lp:735554)
lp bug: fixed

bzr revid:
2011-03-17 12:05:22 +01:00
Vo Minh Thu 7855fad593 [FIX] use the new openerp module.
- python build seems to work (it produces the same result as before).
- the install seems not good: code and data are duplicated in both site-packages and dist-packages.
  (This was already true before.)
- The bin/openerp-server is not good yet.

bzr revid:
2011-02-24 13:18:30 +01:00
Stephane Wirtel 619061d329 [FIX] Include the addons
bzr revid:
2010-10-18 23:59:29 +02:00
Anup (OpenERP) 573c7bf951 [FIX] Add the pixmaps and win32 directories in the MANIFEST to have this directories in the tarball archives
bzr revid:
2010-05-11 17:32:41 +05:30
Stephane Wirtel d530f2fca6 [FIX] Add missing files
bzr revid:
2008-12-31 11:47:32 +01:00
Stephane Wirtel e6bfb7ef42 [FIX] Add missing files
bzr revid:
2008-12-31 11:43:18 +01:00
Stephane Wirtel 4dd498422c [FIX] Add the gpl.txt file
bzr revid:
2008-12-31 11:40:47 +01:00
Stephane Wirtel 99c6070e3f [FIX] Add the rpminstall_sh.txt script
lp bug: fixed

bzr revid:
2008-12-29 11:28:59 +01:00
Stephane Wirtel 9bc72aad22 [FIX] Add the import_xml.rng file
bzr revid:
2008-12-22 20:17:55 +01:00
Stephane Wirtel 57801a9d60 [FIX] Add some files
bzr revid:
2008-12-19 13:49:07 +01:00
Stephane Wirtel 7c98dfe574 [FIX] Update the to include the rng files and the po files
[IMP] Remove the unused code in the setup

lp bug: fixed

bzr revid:
2008-12-15 11:10:13 +01:00
ced 18a6acc7db Add csv file to tgz
bzr revid: ced-fff837829617f038b2b7c6fa4875feda246c3be5
2007-08-16 06:57:33 +00:00
ced d86b1f0c04 Add report sxw/rml to sdist
bzr revid: ced-6eb8147b689e9b13eb7b144d6e83360eee07bedf
2007-08-13 07:49:52 +00:00
pinky 004a0b996f New trunk
bzr revid: pinky-3f10ee12cea3c4c75cef44ab04ad33ef47432907
2006-12-07 13:41:40 +00:00