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Martin Trigaux b7789771f0
[FIX] tools: colorize image with pillow 4.0
2 years ago
addons [FIX] Fix check_xml when inheriting from views created in the same module 8 years ago
cli [FIX] core: correcly handle pidfile deletion. 8 years ago
conf [MERGE] openerp.pooler is deprecated. 10 years ago
modules [FIX] module loading: pre/post_init_hook execution 8 years ago
osv [FIX] osv: fix boolean in domain for custom field 8 years ago
report [FIX] account, mail, etc.: uniformize evaluated expressions 8 years ago
service [FIX] support psutils >= 4.0 4 years ago
tests [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to 24bcdb7 8 years ago
tools [FIX] tools: colorize image with pillow 4.0 2 years ago
workflow [MERGE] forward port of branch saas-3 up to 2e9b33b 8 years ago
PKG-INFO [REM] netrpc: KILL EVERYBODY 10 years ago [IMP] fields: turn field.digits and column.digits into dynamic properties 8 years ago [FIX] api: improve decorator `returns` to handle special cases, like method `search` 8 years ago [ADD] doc: new documentation, with training tutorials, and new scaffolding 9 years ago [FIX] fields: fix assignment of related field on several records 8 years ago [FIX] doc: http.route auth=public instead of admin 8 years ago
import_xml.rng [MERGE] ir-ui-view split active and show_customize 9 years ago [REF] logging: removed pseudo log-level TEST. 10 years ago [FIX] strip group name before calling has_group 8 years ago [MERGE] forward port of branch 7.0 up to 1c0bc7c 8 years ago [IMP] registry: avoid every direct access registry.db, and rename attribute as registry._db 9 years ago [REL] Odoo 8.0 9 years ago [FIX] Cursor.closed property 8 years ago