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Metadata-Version: 1.1
Name: OpenERP
Version: 6.0.0
Author: OpenERP S.A.
Author-email: fp at openerp com
Maintainer: OpenERP S.A.
Maintainer-email: fp at openerp com
Summary: OpenERP is an Enterprise Resource Management written entirely in python.
License: GPL-3
Description: OpenERP is a complete ERP and CRM. The main features are accounting (analytic
and financial), stock management, sales and purchases management, tasks
automation, marketing campaigns, help desk, POS, etc. Technical features include
a distributed server, flexible workflows, an object database, a dynamic GUI,
customizable reports, and an XML-RPC interface.
Keywords: ERP, Accounting, Stock, CRM, Enterprise, Logistics, Management, Sales, Purchases
Platform: Linux, Win32