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Martin Trigaux b7789771f0 [FIX] tools: colorize image with pillow 4.0
Introduced by python-pillow/Pillow@c3fe5d43 and integrated into pillow 4.0
The size of the image is ignored and must be set using an image or a mask.

This patch is retrocompatible with the previous versions as the changed code was
in the box size computation. With this patch a 4 points box size is given so the
modified code is not executed.

Fixes #14927
2021-11-03 21:33:06 +01:00
.tx [I18N] add Transifex config file 2015-05-27 11:28:22 +02:00
addons HACK: disable super expensive query to get invoice total per supplier 2021-02-18 01:10:10 +01:00
debian [FIX] Packaging: Debian: lintian errors and warnings 2015-01-23 11:07:50 +01:00
doc [CLA] Florian Bruhin 2015-12-15 10:10:34 +01:00
openerp [FIX] tools: colorize image with pillow 4.0 2021-11-03 21:33:06 +01:00
setup [FIX] packaging: tarball nightly test 2015-07-15 11:44:07 +02:00
.gitignore [ADD] git mailmap and CLA stats 2015-02-08 23:00:10 +01:00
.mailmap [CLA] update mailmap 2015-09-08 15:45:09 +02:00
CONTRIBUTING.md [FIX] CONTRIBUTING:.md emphasize the fact that PRs supersede issues 2015-02-12 11:08:25 +01:00
LICENSE cleanup repo root 2014-05-15 10:43:02 +02:00
MANIFEST.in [FIX] packaging: include favicon 2015-10-21 13:45:37 +02:00
Makefile [IMP] *: one Makefile to rules them all. 2014-11-05 19:30:28 +01:00
README.md [IMP] README.md: badges for docs, help, nightly 2015-01-20 17:21:38 +01:00
odoo.py [FIX] odoo.py fix fetching of git remotes 2014-12-19 17:39:11 +01:00
openerp-gevent restore the original gevent detection 2013-09-10 01:19:46 +02:00
openerp-server openerp apps main moved to cli ready for new commands 2012-11-27 01:55:13 +01:00
openerp-wsgi.py [FIX] wsgi deployement with openerp-wsgi.py 2014-03-07 21:00:55 +01:00
requirements.txt [FIX] requirements.txt : gevent & greenlet versions updated 2015-09-18 00:55:02 +02:00
setup.cfg [FIX] Packaging: RedHat: dependencies management 2014-11-28 16:40:55 +01:00
setup.py [FIX] Packaging: Windows: pychart dependency 2015-07-07 16:44:03 +02:00


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Odoo is a suite of web based open source business apps.

The main Odoo Apps include an Open Source CRM, Website Builder, eCommerce, Project Management, Billing & Accounting, Point of Sale, Human Resources, Marketing, Manufacturing, Purchase Management, ...

Odoo Apps can be used as stand-alone applications, but they also integrate seamlessly so you get a full-featured Open Source ERP when you install several Apps.

Getting started with Odoo

For a standard installation please follow the Setup instructions from the documentation.

If you are a developer you may type the following command at your terminal:

wget -O- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/odoo/odoo/8.0/odoo.py | python

Then follow the developer tutorials

For Odoo employees

To add the odoo-dev remote use this command:

$ ./odoo.py setup_git_dev

To fetch odoo merge pull requests refs use this command:

$ ./odoo.py setup_git_review