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Results from a capture - how much do I need to keep? check...
:tax_amount: "37.50"
:gross_amount: "249.00"
:payment_status: Pending
:gross_amount_currency_id: GBP
:authorization_id: 6WF137128R766191U
:pending_reason: payment-review
:transaction_id: 45D337153N9936001
:build: "962735"
:fee_amount: "8.67"
:reason_code: none
:correlation_id: cee300cb3a234
:fee_amount_currency_id: GBP
:transaction_type: express-checkout
:ack: Success
:timestamp: "2009-07-06T10:36:35Z"
:protection_eligibility: Ineligible
:parent_transaction_id: 6WF137128R766191U
:tax_amount_currency_id: GBP
:version: "57.0"
:payment_type: instant
:payment_date: "2009-07-06T10:36:34Z"