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barebox bootloader for sysmobts
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Wadim Egorov 50c081e093 barebox: common: added new filetypes 9 years ago
asm-generic asm-generic: add IO memory accessors 9 years ago
cramfs Change byte order detection mechanism to kernel style 11 years ago
dma dma: apbh: remove CONFIG_ARCH_DMA_PIO_WORDS 10 years ago
dt-bindings Merge branch 'for-next/tegra' 9 years ago
gui gui: blit the surface on demand 10 years ago
i2c Documentation: remove doxygen documentation 9 years ago
input input: Add keycode to barebox key translation table 9 years ago
linux Merge branch 'for-next/mips' 9 years ago
mfd Merge branch 'for-next/imx' 9 years ago
mtd UBI: reimport UBI from Linux v3.10 10 years ago
net smc91111: add fixup for qemu phy support 9 years ago
platform_data mci: add designware mmc controller support 10 years ago
spi Documentation: remove doxygen documentation 9 years ago
usb Documentation: remove doxygen documentation 9 years ago
video video: Add kernel fourcc defines 9 years ago
.gitignore move barebox_default_env.h to include/generated/ 13 years ago
aimage.h arm: add Android boot image support 11 years ago
ata_drive.h x86: Add support for IDE on the legacy I/O ports 9 years ago
bbu.h Add in-system barebox update infrastructure 10 years ago
binfmt.h Introduce binfmt support 11 years ago
block.h block: Collect block devices on list 9 years ago
blspec.h blspec: honor default/once entries again 9 years ago
boot.h bootm: introduce bootm_load_devicetree helper 9 years ago
bootsource.h bootsource: add definition for i2c-eeprom, spi-nor, spi-eeprom and usb 10 years ago
bootstrap.h bootstrap: Add missing include 9 years ago
bpkfs.h fs: bpkfs: add missing include 9 years ago
bunzip2.h use kernel bunzip implementation 11 years ago
byteorder.h net: provide alternatives to {ntoh, hton}[sl] funtions with cleaner semantics 9 years ago
cache.h remove strange flush_cache functions 12 years ago
clock.h clock: introduce non interruptible timeout 10 years ago
command.h Documentation: remove doxygen documentation 9 years ago
common.h common: fix macro WARN 9 years ago
complete.h complete: Add devicetree completion 9 years ago
console.h console: Set Linux console parameter automatically 9 years ago
crc.h Some code cleanup 17 years ago
crc7.h crypto: Add crc7 function 11 years ago
ddr_spd.h common: DDR3 SPD verification support 9 years ago
debug_ll.h rework debug_ll 10 years ago
digest.h Treewide: remove address of the Free Software Foundation 11 years ago
disks.h DISK: Add common partition handling for disk like media 11 years ago
dm9000.h dm9000: introduce add_dm9000_device to register dm9000 device 12 years ago
dma.h blackfin, mips, openrisc, ppc, sandbox, x86: add generic dma_alloc, dma_free inlines 11 years ago
driver.h Documentation: remove doxygen documentation 9 years ago
elf.h replace elf.h with the one from the linux kernel. It does not have powerpc 16 years ago
envfs.h environment: drop envfs_register_partition 9 years ago
environment.h environment variables: introduce new helpers 9 years ago
errno.h add strerror function 14 years ago
fb.h video: Add edid support 9 years ago
fcntl.h rename U-Boot-v2 project to barebox 13 years ago
fdt.h of: remove unused libfdt 10 years ago
fec.h net: fec: use standard phy type defines 10 years ago
filetype.h barebox: common: added new filetypes 9 years ago
fnmatch.h add globbing support 15 years ago
fs.h mount: support filesystem options passed via -o 9 years ago
getopt.h getopt: change optstring to const char* 10 years ago
glob.h hardcode _FILE_OFFSET_BITS to 32 15 years ago
globalvar.h globalvar: add globalvar_add_simple_int/bool/enum/ip support 9 years ago
gpio.h gpiolib: import gpio_request_array() from linux 3.7 9 years ago
gpio_keys.h input: gpio-keys: separate internal data from platform_data 9 years ago
gunzip.h decompress_inflate.c: fix "no previous prototype for 'gunzip'" warning 11 years ago
image.h don't cast negative error codes to unsigned size_t 9 years ago
init.h init: introduce mem, mmu and postmmu initcall 12 years ago
io.h Fix big endian MMIO primitives. 11 years ago
ioctl.h add basic at91sam9260 support. Currently only second stage 15 years ago
jtag.h Add JTAG bitbang driver 11 years ago
kallsyms.h kallsyms/printk: enable symbol printing support (%pS) 12 years ago
kfifo.h Treewide: remove address of the Free Software Foundation 11 years ago
kgdb.h Initial revision 21 years ago
led.h led: Add default-on trigger 9 years ago
libbb.h add function to read single line files 9 years ago
libgen.h move dirname() and basename() to lib/libgen.c and add header file 16 years ago
local_mac_address.h introduce helper to generate mac address with OUI 9 years ago
lzo.h lzo: update to lzo-2013 9 years ago
magicvar.h magicvar: Add magicvar macro with additional name argument 11 years ago
malloc.h malloc: put common memory functions to seperate file 12 years ago
math.h commands: add let command which supports proper arithmetic 10 years ago
matrix_keypad.h input: Add i.MX matrix keypad driver 11 years ago
mci.h mci: implement non-removable property 9 years ago
memory.h memory: return error in barebox_add_memory_bank 10 years ago
memtest.h common: add memtest.c with mem_test routine 10 years ago
menu.h add menutree command 9 years ago
module.h module: move EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL define to module.h 13 years ago
nand.h mtd: refactor bb device creation 9 years ago
net.h net.h: add ETH_ALEN constant; fix whitespaces 9 years ago
notifier.h lib: fix whitespace, drop blank lines at EOF 9 years ago
ns16550.h x86: ns16550: Rework driver to allow for x86 I/O space 9 years ago
of.h of: Drop devicetree merge support 9 years ago
of_address.h OF: convert of_translate_address to new API 10 years ago
of_gpio.h i2c: i2c_gpio: add devicetree support 9 years ago
of_mtd.h of: add mtd of helpers 10 years ago
of_net.h of/net: Add net related of helpers 10 years ago
param.h param: Add support for long long read only dev param 9 years ago
part.h Treewide: remove address of the Free Software Foundation 11 years ago
partition.h treewide include/: Add missing includes 10 years ago
password.h login/passwd: add default password support 9 years ago
pbl.h pbl: factorise decompressor 10 years ago
pinctrl.h pinctrl: Add functions to select pinctrl from device_node 9 years ago
platform_ide.h Add driver for IDE like interfaces 11 years ago
poller.h poller: Allow to call functions asynchronously 9 years ago
printk.h introduce runtime loglevel 9 years ago
progress.h add progression bar function 13 years ago
pwm.h PWM: Implement devicetree support 9 years ago
qsort.h qsort: declare strcmp_compar publically 11 years ago
readkey.h input: Add BB_ prefix to KEY_ defines 9 years ago
regulator.h Add initial regulator support 9 years ago
reset_source.h reset_source: add reset_source_get 9 years ago
rtc.h rtc.h: drop unused U-Boot stuff; fix whitespace 9 years ago
s_record.h Treewide: remove address of the Free Software Foundation 11 years ago
scsi.h Treewide: remove address of the Free Software Foundation 11 years ago
shell.h process_escape_sequence: add support to \$? 9 years ago
sizes.h Add missing SZ_xx defines 10 years ago
smc911x.h net smc911x: add support for external PHY 10 years ago
stdio.h Fix typo. 10 years ago
stdlib.h stdlib.h: include missed types.h 9 years ago
stmp-device.h ARM: MXS: introduce stmp device support 10 years ago
string.h string: Add (x)memdup 9 years ago
stringlist.h string_list: Add string_list_for_each_entry macro 9 years ago
tlsf.h adapt tlsf for barebox 11 years ago
twl6030_pwrbtn.h twl6030: add power button as an input key 10 years ago
types.h add __[lb]e types 14 years ago
uimagefs.h fs: add uimagefs 9 years ago
uncompress.h Add generic uncompress function 11 years ago
usb_dfu_trailer.h rename U-Boot-v2 project to barebox 13 years ago
w1_mac_address.h w1: introduce helper to generate mac address from 1-wire id 10 years ago
watchdog.h Add a simple watchdog framework 11 years ago
xfuncs.h string: Add (x)memdup 9 years ago
xymodem.h commands: change Y-Modem implementation 10 years ago