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2009-03-20 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Removed DSP power application for Mini-DAS
2009-03-09 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Enabled ASP pinmux for SFFSDR to fix audio
playback and recording bug
2009-02-25 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Simplified gpio functions.
* Allocate DDR memory for uart rx and inflate buffers
semi-dynamically based on free DDR memory.
* Configure pinmux based on board
2009-02-23 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Fixed problem with DM644x and large page NAND devices
2009-02-23 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Added linkerscript to dependency list for all objects.
* Fixed problem for gunzip() caused by too much stack usage
2009-02-22 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Added automatic dependencies generation for Makefile
2009-02-21 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Fixed NAND layout problem in big block devices for DM35x RBL
2009-02-20 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Removed static CRC table
* Added GZIP support and CRC checking for UBL
2009-02-16 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* Added DDR test command line option
2008-12-03 Hugo Villeneuve <hugo@hugovil.com>
* First version.