gummiboot: Remove gummiboot tests

Since we replaced gummiboot with systemd-boot
along with its tests, the gummiboot tests are
no longer necessary.

[YOCTO #10332]

(From meta-yocto rev: 43c3f96d0395c9ceb0f3c63a026ec34073fad69e)

Signed-off-by: Alejandro Hernandez <>
Signed-off-by: Ross Burton <>
Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
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Alejandro Hernandez 2016-12-01 15:08:01 -06:00 committed by Richard Purdie
parent d937b5f5e7
commit bad00064ef
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@ -1,83 +0,0 @@
from oeqa.selftest.base import oeSelfTest
from oeqa.utils.commands import runCmd, bitbake, get_bb_var, runqemu
from oeqa.utils.decorators import testcase
import re
import os
import sys
import logging
class Gummiboot(oeSelfTest):
def _common_setup(self):
Common setup for test cases: 1101, 1103
# Set EFI_PROVIDER = "gummiboot" and MACHINE = "genericx86-64" in conf/local.conf
features = 'EFI_PROVIDER = "gummiboot"\n'
features += 'MACHINE = "genericx86-64"'
def _common_build(self):
Common build for test cases: 1101, 1103
# Build a genericx86-64/efi gummiboot image
bitbake('syslinux syslinux-native parted-native dosfstools-native mtools-native core-image-minimal')
def test_efi_gummiboot_images_can_be_built(self):
Summary: Check if efi/gummiboot images can be built
Expected: 1. File gummibootx64.efi should be available in build/tmp/deploy/images/genericx86-64
2. Efi/gummiboot images can be built
Product: oe-core
Author: Ionut Chisanovici <>
AutomatedBy: Daniel Istrate <>
# We'd use DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE here, except that we need its value for
# MACHINE="genericx86-64 which is probably not the one configured
gummibootfile = os.path.join(get_bb_var('DEPLOY_DIR'), 'images', 'genericx86-64', 'gummibootx64.efi')
# Ensure we're actually testing that this gets built and not that
# it was around from an earlier build
bitbake('-c cleansstate gummiboot')
runCmd('rm -f %s' % gummibootfile)
found = os.path.isfile(gummibootfile)
self.assertTrue(found, 'Gummiboot file %s not found' % gummibootfile)
def test_wic_command_can_create_efi_gummiboot_installation_images(self):
Summary: Check that wic command can create efi/gummiboot installation images
Expected: A .direct file in folder /var/tmp/wic/ must be created.
Product: oe-core
Author: Ionut Chisanovici <>
AutomatedBy: Daniel Istrate <>
# Create efi/gummiboot installation images
wic_create_cmd = 'wic create mkgummidisk -e core-image-minimal'
result = runCmd(wic_create_cmd)
# Find file written by wic from output
res ='(/var/tmp/wic/.*\.direct)', result.output)
if res:
direct_file =
# Check it actually exists
if not os.path.exists(direct_file):'wic reported direct file "%s" does not exist; wic output:\n%s' % (direct_file, result.output))
else:'No .direct file reported in wic output:\n%s' % result.output)