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@ -34,14 +34,16 @@ Manual Organization
Folders exist for individual manuals as follows:
* adt-manual - The Yocto Project Application Developer's Guide.
* sdk-manual - The Yocto Project Software Development Kit (SDK) Developer's Guide.
* bsp-guide - The Yocto Project Board Support Package (BSP) Developer's Guide
* dev-manual - The Yocto Project Development Manual
* kernel-dev - The Yocto Project Linux Kernel Development Manual
* ref-manual - The Yocto Project Reference Manual
* yocto-project-qs - The Yocto Project Quick Start
* mega-manual - An aggregated manual comprised of all YP manuals and guides
* mega-manual - The Yocto Project Mega-Manual, which is an aggregated manual comprised
of all YP manuals and guides
* profile-manual - The Yocto Project Profile and Tracing Manual
* toaster-manual - The Toaster Manual
Each folder is self-contained regarding content and figures. Note that there
is a sed file needed to process the links of the mega-manual. The sed file
@ -68,10 +70,10 @@ inside the Makefile. See that file for more information.
To build a manual, you run the make command and pass it the name
of the folder containing the manual's contents.
For example, the following command run from the documentation directory
creates an HTML and a PDF version of the ADT manual.
creates an HTML version of the SDK manual.
The DOC variable specifies the manual you are making:
$ make DOC=adt-manual
$ make DOC=sdk-manual