OpenEmbedded "poky" with some sysmocom specific modifications. Mostly used only up to sysmocom release 201310, but the "pyro" branch is still used for 201705
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This is the directory that contains the Yocto Project documentation. The Yocto
Project source repositories at have two
instances of the "documentation" directory. You should understand each of
these instances.

poky/documentation - The directory within the poky Git repository containing
the set of Yocto Project manuals. When you clone the
poky Git repository, the documentation directory
contains the manuals. The state of the manuals in this
directory is guaranteed to reflect the latest Yocto
Project release. The manuals at the tip of this
directory will also likely contain most manual
development changes.

yocto-docs/documentation - The Git repository for the Yocto Project manuals.
This repository is where manual development
occurs. If you plan on contributing back to the
Yocto Project documentation, you should set up
a local Git repository based on this upstream
repository as follows:

git clone git://

Changes and patches are first pushed to the
yocto-docs Git repository. Later, they make it
into the poky Git repository found at

Manual Organization

Folders exist for individual manuals as follows:

* adt-manual - The Yocto Project Application Developer's Guide.
* bsp-guide - The Yocto Project Board Support Package (BSP) Developer's Guide
* dev-manual - The Yocto Project Development Manual
* kernel-dev - The Yocto Project Linux Kernel Development Manual
* ref-manual - The Yocto Project Reference Manual
* yocto-project-qs - The Yocto Project Quick Start
* mega-manual - An aggregated manual comprised of all YP manuals and guides
* profile-manual - The Yocto Project Profile and Tracing Manual

Each folder is self-contained regarding content and figures. Note that there
is a sed file needed to process the links of the mega-manual. The sed file
is located in the tools directory. Also note that the figures folder in the
mega-manual directory contains duplicates of all the figures in the YP folders
directories for all YP manuals and guides.

If you want to find HTML versions of the Yocto Project manuals on the web,
go to and click on the "Documentation" tab. From
there you have access to archived documentation from previous releases, current
documentation for the latest release, and "Docs in Progress" for the release
currently being developed.

In general, the Yocto Project site ( is a great
reference for both information and downloads.


The Makefile processes manual directories to create HTML, PDF,
tarballs, etc. Details on how the Makefile work are documented
inside the Makefile. See that file for more information.

To build a manual, you run the make command and pass it the name
of the folder containing the manual's contents.
For example, the following command run from the documentation directory
creates an HTML and a PDF version of the ADT manual.
The DOC variable specifies the manual you are making:

$ make DOC=adt-manual


This file defines variables used for documentation production. The variables
are used to define release pathnames, URLs for the published manuals, etc.

Contains various templates, fonts, and some old PNG files.

Contains a tool to convert the DocBook files to PDF format. This folder also
contains the mega-manual.sed file, which is used by Makefile to process
cross-references from within the manual that normally go to an external