OpenEmbedded "poky" with some sysmocom specific modifications. Mostly used only up to sysmocom release 201310, but the "pyro" branch is still used for 201705
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Richard Purdie 9b7bc41dfa build-appliance-image: Update to pyro head revision 4 years ago
classes populate_sdk_base: depend on nativesdk-glibc-locale 4 years ago
conf default-distrovars: don't rename locales for nativesdk 4 years ago
files use quiet mode when preparing sysroot 5 years ago
lib Explicit complementary fail 4 years ago
recipes-bsp grub: Fix device mapper dependency 4 years ago
recipes-connectivity openssh: Atomically generate host keys 4 years ago
recipes-core build-appliance-image: Update to pyro head revision 4 years ago
recipes-devtools ruby: Update to 2.4.4 4 years ago
recipes-extended byacc: Fic SRC_URI to use yocto sources loc. 4 years ago
recipes-gnome gtk+3: Update the patches to work with old versions of patch 4 years ago
recipes-graphics weston: add patch to set pitch correctly for subsampled textures 4 years ago
recipes-kernel linux-yocto-rt/4.1: update to include spectre fixes 4 years ago
recipes-lsb4 libpng12: Use rm instead of unlink 5 years ago
recipes-multimedia libpng: update SRC_URI to use osl 4 years ago
recipes-rt meta: remove True option to getVar calls 5 years ago
recipes-sato webkitgtk: update to 2.18.5 (includes Spectre mitigations; see commit description) 4 years ago
recipes-support mpfr: Update SRC_URI to use gnu 4 years ago
site siteinfo.bbclass: Add mipsisa{32, 64}r6{el, } support 5 years ago
COPYING.GPLv2 Fix license notices for OE-Core 8 years ago
COPYING.MIT Add missing licence files (COPYING.MIT) 16 years ago
recipes.txt qt4: remove recipes and classes 6 years ago