mac80211: fix power saving clients handling in iwlwifi

iwlwifi now supports RSS and can't let mac80211 track the
PS state based on the Rx frames since they can come out of
order. iwlwifi is now advertising AP_LINK_PS, and uses
explicit notifications to teach mac80211 about the PS state
of the stations and the PS poll / uAPSD trigger frames
coming our way from the peers.

Because of that, the TIM stopped being maintained in
mac80211. I tried to fix this in commit c68df2e7be
("mac80211: allow using AP_LINK_PS with mac80211-generated TIM IE")
but that was later reverted by Felix in commit 6c18a6b4e7
("Revert "mac80211: allow using AP_LINK_PS with mac80211-generated TIM IE")
since it broke drivers that do not implement set_tim.

Since none of the drivers that set AP_LINK_PS have the
set_tim() handler set besides iwlwifi, I can bail out in
__sta_info_recalc_tim if AP_LINK_PS AND .set_tim is not

Signed-off-by: Emmanuel Grumbach <>
Signed-off-by: Johannes Berg <>
Emmanuel Grumbach 6 years ago committed by Johannes Berg
parent 890030d3c4
commit d98937f4ea

@ -688,7 +688,7 @@ static void __sta_info_recalc_tim(struct sta_info *sta, bool ignore_pending)
/* No need to do anything if the driver does all */
if (ieee80211_hw_check(&local->hw, AP_LINK_PS))
if (ieee80211_hw_check(&local->hw, AP_LINK_PS) && !local->ops->set_tim)
if (sta->dead)