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Johan Hovold 69474afb04 mailmap: add Johan Hovold 5 years ago
Ralf Baechle 74abd4e9b1 mailmap: Canonicalize to Qais' current email address. 5 years ago
Javi Merino 9a2172a8d5 MAINTAINERS: Switch to kernel.org email address for Javi Merino 5 years ago
Vladimir Davydov c4e297386b MAINTAINERS: Vladimir has moved 5 years ago
Vlad Dogaru 2d6d840a5a mailmap: update Vlad Dogaru email address 5 years ago
Krzysztof Kozlowski 326dce0734 MAINTAINERS: Switch to kernel.org account for Krzysztof Kozlowski 5 years ago
Joe Perches 5055610e3d .mailmap: Correct entries for Mauro Carvalho Chehab and Shuah Khan 5 years ago
Linus Lüssing bd804ba125 mailmap: add Linus Lüssing 5 years ago
Antoine Tenart 1f08fe2665 mailmap: add Boris Brezillon's email 6 years ago
Antoine Tenart a8a47ff534 mailmap: add Antoine Tenart's email 6 years ago
Shuah Khan 90effdcd2b Update email addresses in MAINTAINERS and .mailmap 6 years ago
Mauro Carvalho Chehab 5dc8a864be Update my main e-mails at the Kernel tree 6 years ago
Mauro Carvalho Chehab dc19ed1571
Update my main e-mails at the Kernel tree 6 years ago
Matt Ranostay b9155073ff mailmap: update Matt Ranostay email address 6 years ago
Adriana Reus 6c55c418f0 mailmap: update Adriana Reus email address 6 years ago
Linus Torvalds 43a3e837e2 mailmap: add John Paul Adrian Glaubitz 6 years ago
Frank Rowand eeb68d1d2d .mailmap: add Frank Rowand 6 years ago
Krzysztof Kozlowski 314e9b75b3 mailmap: fix Krzysztof Kozlowski's misspelled name 6 years ago
Christophe Ricard 394532e4b6 .mailmap: add Christophe Ricard 6 years ago
Antonio Ospite 119ae9b7de mailmap: redirect inactive address <ao2@amarulasolutions.com> 6 years ago
Javier Martinez Canillas b8fa0efa01 mailmap: update Javier Martinez Canillas' email 6 years ago
Andrey Ryabinin 2baf9e8948 .mailmap: Andrey Ryabinin has moved 6 years ago
Sudeep Holla 5248e3a9b4 mailmap: update Sudeep Holla's email id 6 years ago
Viresh Kumar da89947b47 Update Viresh Kumar's email address 6 years ago
Kees Cook 4d5b367ca4 mailmap: add rdunlap email auto-correction 7 years ago
Pratyush Anand 9c5dcdd0c7 Mohit Kumar has moved 7 years ago
Pratyush Anand e34cadde3b Pratyush Anand has moved 7 years ago
Ricardo Ribalda Delgado 01c7e5a50c .mailmap: add Ricardo Ribalda 7 years ago
Kim Phillips 21d543f225 .mailmap: update Konstantin Khlebnikov's email address 7 years ago
Henrik Rydberg 75dd112aac MAINTAINERS: update rydberg's addresses 7 years ago
Santosh Shilimkar 48332f2846 .mailmap: Santosh Shilimkar has moved 7 years ago
Andrew Morton 7d19c8ffb5 .mailmap: update akpm@osdl.org 7 years ago
Josh Triplett e0198b290d Josh has moved 7 years ago
Viresh Kumar 9cc236827f Shiraz has moved 8 years ago
Viresh Kumar 10d8935f46 Viresh has moved 10 years ago
Gustavo Padovan 5401cf3fac .mailmap: add Gustavo 10 years ago
Kuninori Morimoto ab4f75cd0a mailmap: Fix up some renesas attributions 10 years ago
Michael Büsch eb032b9837 Update my e-mail address 11 years ago
Paul Mundt cac6f98dfc mailmap: Add entry for Damian Hobson-Garcia. 11 years ago
Paul Mundt 4fdf30c44b mailmap: Update for OMAP DSS developers. 11 years ago
Paul Mundt 45f1798484 mailmap: Add an entry for Axel Lin. 11 years ago
Paul Mundt fd34f85832 mailmap: Fix up Takashi YOSHII's attribution. 11 years ago
Uwe Kleine-König bcee402e76 Add Sascha Hauer to .mailmap 13 years ago
Uwe Kleine-König 6d7f2caa77 add another mailmap entry for Uwe Kleine-König 13 years ago
Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov bfa0b1c3ca Dmitry has been renamed 13 years ago
Peter Oruba 17c2297856 mailmap: add Peter Oruba 13 years ago
Mark Brown d014e5f7f8 mailmap: add Mark Brown 13 years ago
Uwe Kleine-König 2123870559 Add Uwe Kleine-König to .mailmap 13 years ago
S.Çağlar Onur 53809d7eae Update .mailmap 14 years ago
Michael Buesch 39a3bfdd37 Add mbuesch to .mailmap 15 years ago