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Eric W. Biederman e71b4e061c
ptrace: Don't allow accessing an undumpable mm
6 years ago
boot blackfin: Ignore generated uImages 10 years ago
configs bf609: enable soft switch gpio driver by default 8 years ago
include blackfin: no access_ok() for __copy_{to,from}_user() 7 years ago
kernel ptrace: Don't allow accessing an undumpable mm 6 years ago
lib Blackfin: comment spelling s/divsor/divisor/ 7 years ago
mach-bf518 blackfin: cleanup board files 9 years ago
mach-bf527 Input: ad7879 - move header to platform_data directory 7 years ago
mach-bf533 arch/blackfin/mach-bf533/boards/stamp.c: add linux/delay.h 8 years ago
mach-bf537 Linux 4.5 7 years ago
mach-bf538 Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// 7 years ago
mach-bf548 gpio: Include linux/gpio.h instead of asm/gpio.h 7 years ago
mach-bf561 Merge 4.8-rc5 into char-misc-next 7 years ago
mach-bf609 [media] ezkit/cobalt: drop unused op_656_range setting 7 years ago
mach-common This is the bulk of GPIO changes for kernel v4.6: 7 years ago
mm treewide: replace obsolete _refok by __ref 7 years ago
Clear_BSD.txt blackfin: license: Change ADI BSD license 11 years ago
Kconfig blackfin: do away with ARCH_REQUIRE_GPIOLIB 7 years ago
Kconfig.debug consolidate per-arch stack overflow debugging options 10 years ago
Makefile blackfin: rename vmImage to uImage after we move to buildroot 10 years ago