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Borislav Petkov ca9601382b
x86/microcode/intel: Disable late loading on model 79
5 years ago
boot x86/boot: Add missing declaration of string functions 6 years ago
configs IOMMU Updates for Linux v4.9 7 years ago
crypto crypto: x86/sha1 - Fix reads beyond the number of blocks passed 6 years ago
entry x86/asm/64: Clear AC on NMI entries 6 years ago
events perf/x86/intel/rapl: Make package handling more robust 6 years ago
ia32 x86/signal: Add SA_{X32,IA32}_ABI sa_flags 7 years ago
include x86/alternatives: Fix alt_max_short macro to really be a max() 6 years ago
kernel x86/microcode/intel: Disable late loading on model 79 5 years ago
kvm KVM: nVMX: update last_nonleaf_level when initializing nested EPT 6 years ago
lib x86/uaccess: Optimize copy_user_enhanced_fast_string() for short strings 6 years ago
mm mm/memory_hotplug: set magic number to page->freelist instead of page-> 6 years ago
net bpf: change back to orig prog on too many passes 6 years ago
oprofile oprofile/x86: Convert x86_backtrace() to use the new unwinder 7 years ago
pci PCI: Work around poweroff & suspend-to-RAM issue on Macbook Pro 11 6 years ago
platform x86/platform/intel-mid: Rename 'spidev' to 'mrfld_spidev' 6 years ago
power x86/asm: Get rid of __read_cr4_safe() 7 years ago
purgatory kasan: do not sanitize kexec purgatory 6 years ago
ras x86/RAS/mce_amd_inj: Remove debugfs dir recursively on exit 7 years ago
realmode x86/boot: Rework reserve_real_mode() to allow multiple tries 7 years ago
tools x86/tools: Fix gcc-7 warning in relocs.c 6 years ago
um um: Fix PTRACE_POKEUSER on x86_64 6 years ago
video x86/video: Don't assume all FB devices are PCI devices 7 years ago
xen xen: adjust early dom0 p2m handling to xen hypervisor behavior 6 years ago
Kconfig atomic64: no need for CONFIG_ARCH_HAS_ATOMIC64_DEC_IF_POSITIVE 7 years ago
Makefile lib/raid6: Add AVX512 optimized gen_syndrome functions 7 years ago