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Greg Kroah-Hartman 00449628f3
Revert "socket, bpf: fix possible use after free"
6 years ago
Makefile net: add a hardware buffer management helper API 7 years ago
datagram.c udp: on peeking bad csum, drop packets even if not at head 6 years ago
dev.c net: core: Prevent from dereferencing null pointer when releasing SKB 6 years ago
dev_addr_lists.c net: fix spelling for synchronized 8 years ago
dev_ioctl.c net: Zero terminate ifr_name in dev_ifname(). 6 years ago
devlink.c devlink: add hardware messages tracing facility 7 years ago
drop_monitor.c drop_monitor: consider inserted data in genlmsg_end 6 years ago
dst.c Fix an intermittent pr_emerg warning about lo becoming free. 6 years ago
dst_cache.c net: dst_cache_per_cpu_dst_set() can be static 7 years ago
ethtool.c net: ethtool: Initialize buffer when querying device channel settings 6 years ago
fib_rules.c fib_rules: Added NLM_F_EXCL support to fib_nl_newrule 7 years ago
filter.c Revert "socket, bpf: fix possible use after free" 6 years ago
flow.c flowcache: Increase threshold for refusing new allocations 6 years ago
flow_dissector.c flow_dissector: Update pptp handling to avoid null pointer deref. 6 years ago
gen_estimator.c net: sched: do not acquire qdisc spinlock in qdisc/class stats dump 7 years ago
gen_stats.c Merge git:// 7 years ago
hwbm.c net: hwbm: Fix unbalanced spinlock in error case 7 years ago
link_watch.c dev: introduce dev_get_iflink() 8 years ago
lwtunnel.c lwtunnel: Fix oops on state free after encap module unload 6 years ago
neighbour.c net: neigh: guard against NULL solicit() method 6 years ago
net-procfs.c net: remove NETDEV_TX_LOCKED support 7 years ago
net-sysfs.c net: introduce NETDEV_CHANGE_TX_QUEUE_LEN 7 years ago
net-traces.c net: IPv6 fib lookup tracepoint 7 years ago
net_namespace.c net: check dead netns for peernet2id_alloc() 6 years ago
netclassid_cgroup.c cgroup, net_cls: iterate the fds of only the tasks which are being migrated 6 years ago
netevent.c netevent: remove automatic variable in register_netevent_notifier() 8 years ago
netpoll.c netpoll: Check for skb->queue_mapping 6 years ago
netprio_cgroup.c core: remove unneded headers for net cgroup controllers. 7 years ago
pktgen.c net: pktgen: remove rcu locking in pktgen_change_name() 7 years ago
ptp_classifier.c ptp: Change ptp_class to a proper bitmask 8 years ago
request_sock.c tcp: restore fastopen operations 8 years ago
rtnetlink.c net: rtnetlink: fix info leak in RTM_GETSTATS call 6 years ago
scm.c unix: correctly track in-flight fds in sending process user_struct 7 years ago
secure_seq.c net: remove a sparse error in secure_dccpv6_sequence_number() 8 years ago
skbuff.c gso: Validate assumption of frag_list segementation 6 years ago
sock.c Revert "socket, bpf: fix possible use after free" 6 years ago
sock_diag.c sock_diag: align nlattr properly when needed 7 years ago
sock_reuseport.c soreuseport: do not export reuseport_add_sock() 7 years ago
stream.c net: do not export sk_stream_write_space 7 years ago
sysctl_net_core.c bpf: add generic constant blinding for use in jits 7 years ago
timestamping.c net: skb_defer_rx_timestamp should check for phydev before setting up classify 8 years ago
tso.c net: tso: add support for IPv6 8 years ago
utils.c net: the space is required before the open parenthesis '(' 7 years ago