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# This file is for getting archiving packages with patched sources(archive 's' before do_patch stage),logs(archive 'temp' after package_write_rpm),dump data and
# creating diff file(get all environment variables and functions in building and mapping all content in 's' including patches to xxx.diff.gz.
# All archived packages will be deployed in ${DEPLOY_DIR}/sources
inherit sysmocom-archiver
# Get archiving package with patched sources including patches
do_patch[postfuncs] += "do_archive_patched_sources "
# Get archiving package with logs(temp) and scripts(.bb and .inc files)
do_package_write_rpm[prefuncs] += "do_archive_scripts_logs "
# Get dump date and create diff file
do_package_write_rpm[postfuncs] += "do_dumpdata_create_diff_gz "