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Holger Hans Peter Freyther 6751f3e212 modernize: Use d.get* instead of the* facade
In modern Poky the facade is gone and the data dictionary needs
to be accessed directly. This commit is catching up with it. It
was build tested on dora as well. I have not checked if it is
changing the checksums of a dora build.
2017-04-24 00:48:40 +02:00
Jan Luebbe 5e17d8e537 Attempt to target multiple versions of Poky at the same time
The idea is that the basic extension resides inside the the normal
recipe directories. Depending on the version of poky the bbappends
need to be included. Appends applying to all versions will be put
into the shared folder, specific ones into the specific directory.
Once a bbappend can not be shared anymore it needs to be copied.
2012-09-15 17:44:57 +02:00