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18 Commits (201705)

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Oliver Smith 53dc1b9dfb git clones: protocol=git -> protocol=https 5 months ago
Harald Welte b417110988 Revert "migrate from git:// to" 1 year ago
Harald Welte 8b9e304c23 migrate from git:// to 1 year ago
Daniel Willmann 50579753a0 oc2g-sysdev-remap: Use systemd automount to mount /mnt/rom/* 4 years ago
Omar Ramadan 4dd34c4f6d Add sysdev remap 4 years ago
Omar Ramadan 6eea372883 Add backup scripts needed by OC-2G device remap 4 years ago
Pau Espin 686fee5571 lc15: Fix parse error: expansion of REPOGITFN 5 years ago
Pau Espin 2638f83903 lc15-sysdev-remap: Set factory flash partition to readonly 6 years ago
Pau Espin 7990e01fcd Replace systemd_unitdir/system with systemd_system_unitdir 6 years ago
Harald Welte eb4fcc8183 Import zeromq and its dependency libsodium from meta-oe.git 6 years ago
Maxim Suraev 75dc0a693a Automount /mnt/rom/user partition 6 years ago
Maxim Suraev c50e63d550 Adjust systemd dependencies 6 years ago
Maxim Suraev 62f1eaed42 sysmobts2100: automount extra partitions 6 years ago
Maxim Suraev e1bcfeb0f5 Add lc15-sysdev-remap to sysmobts2100 rootfs 6 years ago
Maxim Suraev a121475a64 Import lc15-sysdev-remap from meta-nrw-bsp 6 years ago
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 3f352433bd netcat-openbsd: Fix linking and use GNU_HASH for symbols 6 years ago
Henning Heinold 4d0adcb963 netcat-openbsd: adding the recipe from meta-networking in meta-openembedded 8 years ago
Harald Welte d44da082be Import pps-tools recipe from current meta-oe master 8 years ago