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Jan Luebbe 5304e22ff4 busybox: create /etc/default before using it
This fixes an error during do_install for busybox when building on dora.
2015-05-06 11:23:48 +02:00
Henning Heinold ef2c9b84d3 busybox: add package for udhcpc which can set the ntp server provided by the dhcpc-server
* the oe udhcpc calls /usr/share/udhcpc/default.script which
  calls run-parts -a "$1" /etc/udhcpc.d, so we can install
  our script as 60ntp

* using /etc/default/udhcpc-ntp to have the possibility
  to disable it on the target, its enabled per default

Related: SYS#1180
2015-05-04 20:03:57 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther de697810db busybox: Move the 1.23.1 to 1.23.2 for Yocto master 2015-04-13 18:17:12 +02:00
Henning Heinold 21356b7508 initrdscripts: make it possbile to secure grub with a password
* an example setup for the IDU can be found on

Fixes: SYS#1130
2015-03-07 22:15:00 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 2251e090de busybox: After renaming the the bbappend rename the configs we use 2015-02-23 20:55:43 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther aee3a65e2a simple.script/udhcpc: Do not remove someone's else default route
A lease bound/renewal could lead to the removal of a default
route set by pppd. Apply the same "dev $interface" filter that
would be used when using the "route" command.

Fixes: SYS#1163
2015-02-15 18:20:41 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther a15ce6544e initramfs-live-install: Reboot on panic after 60 seconds
Reboot the machine after a panic.

Related: SYS#1151
2015-02-14 22:00:08 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther f1e0304198 busybox/50default: Start with the metric of 10 for the IDU
For wlan and ppp we want to be able to install another default
route and this is only possible if we can use smaller metrics.
2015-02-14 19:39:47 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 60ab5bff4c busybox/05default: Add the script that is used in dora
There was a bugfix in regard to broadcast addresses in
master but I decided to not take the fix as I want to
stay close to the other builds.
2015-02-14 19:38:54 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther d75837883d busybox: Only apply the patch on busybox 1.21
The ifplugd patch was backported and doesn't need to be applied
on later versions.
2014-11-09 14:02:56 +01:00
Henning 074b580797 busybox: make it possible to have permanent logfiles
* bump the PRINC

[holger: Depending on some global settings /var/log will be a
symlink to "volatile". But when we log to a file we want it to
be persistent. So make sure /var/log is not pointing to volatile
but a real directory]
2014-10-28 15:28:51 +01:00
Harald Welte 286c8a1166 busybox: Make sure we keep re-trying to obtain a lease
CONFIG_IFUPDOWN_UDHCPC_CMD_OPTIONS was set to '-n' which means
"Exit with failure if lease cannot be immediately negotiated."

What we'd rather want is for udhcpc to continue to run until a lease can
finally obtain.  Otherwise we have a race condition in case the DHCP
server is not reachable for a few seconds during system boot, and end up
having a system that is permanently without an IP address.

This fixes ORT#639
2014-10-17 19:58:53 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 20b1decdd2 dizzy: Begin with the Poky/Yocto 1.7 release
We are currently using 1.5 (dora). Copy the bbappends to the
yocto-dizzy directory and update the version numbers. For busybox
enable all features that were enabled between dora and origin/master.

For opkg_svn.bbapend. In dizzy there is a version attached to it.
This means we need to remove it from the yocto-shared directory
and keep it everywhere else.
2014-09-24 18:26:10 +02:00
Henning Heinold 7a09426da5 initramfs: restore configuration if available
The error case of the backup not properly restoring has not
been tested.

Fixes: SYS#525
2014-09-02 20:24:16 +02:00
Henning Heinold a3a743ecb2 initramfs: set baudrate for grub from cmdline
* take the baudrate for the grub serial console setting
  from the kernel-cmdline which the system was booted from

* better parsing of the options which the install-script
  gets from init

* Video Mode, VGA mode are not used right now and make it
  empty right now.
2014-09-02 20:23:05 +02:00
Henning Heinold 7b51764cfa initramfs: grub.cfg with rootfs set to readonly
Fixes: SYS#528
2014-08-28 23:13:34 +02:00
Henning Heinold 0cef8c4fc3 initramfs: install and run e2fsck -f before resize2fs
Fixes: SYS#522
2014-08-28 23:13:34 +02:00
Henning Heinold 1b5a3eb3af initramfs: mount external partitions readonly
Fixes: SYS#521
2014-08-28 23:13:34 +02:00
Henning Heinold 22cb9fef1d do not rename the network devices after the new kernel/udev scheme
Fixes: SYS#75
2014-04-29 16:52:13 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther b0fa1e06d6 Merge remote-tracking branch 'hheinold/bsc-grub-image-install'
These provide us with a nice way to provision/install the BSCs
with grub. This way we can easily upgrade the kernel on the BSC
as well. It is a fix for SYS#75.
2014-04-08 18:09:29 +02:00
Henning Heinold 076f6e1bb0 resize the install partition 2014-04-08 18:06:51 +02:00
Henning Heinold 4433c53b76 initramfs: modify init-install to install our bsc image
Fixes: partly SYS#75
2014-04-08 18:06:27 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 8f46ba7045 busybox: Enable dnsd on all the builds
Specially for the sysmobsc it can come in handy to have a DNS
server that will return some static addresses.
2014-04-04 13:09:05 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther b606eb9bec busybox: Enable depmod in our busybox as it is enabled in dora too
Make sure that there is at least a basic depmod in the image. This
is needed as fallback for kernel upgrades that execute depmod in the
postinst script. The dora busybox will always have it so we should
have it too. Sync the defconfig with dora.

Addresses: SYS#231
2014-01-30 14:50:48 +01:00
Henning Heinold 6d12c623fc busybox: backport the ifplugd-larger-buffer patch for kernel 3.9 and above
To use the busybox-ipflugd a larger buffer for netdev messages
is needed. This is orginal patch from

which is needed until a new busybox version is released.

This commit only is only relevant to the dora release of poky.

* bump PRINC
2013-12-20 13:48:16 +01:00
Henning Heinold 7bfc02130f busybox-syslog: unify configuration place of systemd und sysvinit scripts for dora
* systemd has no way to set flexible enviroment variables,
  though setting or dropping variables based on other settings is not

* EnvironmentFile option in systemd can only have name value pairs no logic

* Best solution for this problem found at
  using a shell before starting the service

* move the parameter logic from sysvinit startup file to syslog-startup.conf
  and source syslog-startup.conf from the busybox-syslog default file

* /etc/syslog-startup.conf is now the only config file

* works with bash and busybox-shell

* bump PRINC
2013-12-11 19:31:19 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 6f4ac52b30 busybox-1.21.1: Update the defconfig and re-enable the following
* ifplugd is enabled again
* blacklisting of modules
* mounting of cifs
2013-11-27 12:25:01 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther da70ced095 busybox: Change the busybox syslog to use the internal ring buffer again
Revert the logging to the memory buffer to avoid writes to the disk
as the log directory might or might not be on tmpfs.
2013-11-27 12:22:52 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 6431d35a85 busybox: Move it to the recipes-core directory to match the naming
Jan pointed out that the original busybox is inside the recipes-core
directory, move it there as well.
2013-11-27 12:22:52 +01:00