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Holger Hans Peter Freyther 2a2a0cf499
sysmocom-backup: Create a single sysmocom-backup-default
8 years ago
classes linux-backports: fix build on master 8 years ago
conf sysmocom-idu: Fix the core2 vs. core2-32 tune selection 8 years ago
recipes-apps sysmocom-backup: Create a single sysmocom-backup-default 8 years ago
recipes-bsp init-ifupdown: move sysmocom-idu to meta-sysmocom 8 years ago
recipes-config systemd: ship emergency.service which triggers a reboot 8 years ago
recipes-core rauc: Create default files for a rauc slot to be used by the image 8 years ago
recipes-devtools/i2c-tools i2c-tools: Do not use autotootls as bbclass 8 years ago
recipes-extra rauc-native: Fix the building of the rauc-native tool 8 years ago
recipes-fixes iproute2: enable lnstat and package all commands from misc into its own package 8 years ago
recipes-support/pps-tools Import pps-tools recipe from current meta-oe master 8 years ago
recipes-sysmobts osmo-pcu: Make sure the commit is available in a branch 8 years ago
yocto-dora iproute2: add misc directory to buildline and package ss, nstat, rtacct and ifstat 8 years ago
yocto-master u-boot: Unbreak yocto master 8 years ago
yocto-shared initramfs-framework: override init file to reboot on error 8 years ago
.gitignore misc: Ignore files generated by vi 10 years ago