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Harald Welte abe0c65892
idu /etc/network/interfaces: Major update
8 years ago
base-files Attempt to target multiple versions of Poky at the same time 11 years ago
early-date misc: poky/LICENSE has changed.. reference a hopefully more stable file 8 years ago
init-ifupdown idu /etc/network/interfaces: Major update 8 years ago
linux linux-sysmocom: Really base on 3.10.76 for our kernel 8 years ago
linux-backports linux-backports: Rename it to linux-backports for clarity 8 years ago
meta meta-toolchain-sysmobts: Introduce a toolchain target for the BTS 10 years ago
netbase netbase/init-ifupdown: seperate both overrides and remove the appends of netbase for master and dizzy 8 years ago
ntp ntp: add back as default ntp server for ntpdate 8 years ago
odu-static-devicenames odu-static-devicenames: rename static-devicenames-odu to odu-static-devicenames 8 years ago
sob-odu ODU: add new odu-gpiotool script 8 years ago
watchdog watchdog: Fix the FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend 9 years ago