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Harald Welte d35fbc4f82
[idu] dnsmasq: Add DHCP range for video subnet
8 years ago
atftp atftp: Add files needed by the recipe 8 years ago
bridge-utils bridge-utils: Add missing FILES_${PN} for ifupdown integration 8 years ago
ca-certificates ca-certificates: Fix build and lower default preference 8 years ago
cifs-utils cifs-utils: Move it to the extras like the other extras 9 years ago
conntrack-tools conntrack-tools: Dont have HTML as init script, but actual script 8 years ago
debootstrap misc: Cleanup the RDEPENDS warning by the latest bitbake parser 10 years ago
dnsmasq [idu] dnsmasq: Add DHCP range for video subnet 8 years ago
geos Import from meta-oe to have a spatial enabled sqlite 9 years ago
gnupg Attempt to target multiple versions of Poky at the same time 11 years ago
gpsd gpsd: add systemd servcie file for the idu 8 years ago
gpsdate gpsdate: Add an option to not fork and use it 8 years ago
ifupdown ifupdown: Revert the tmpfiles.d change as the dir is created too late 8 years ago
iperf iperf: Add the iperf utility for GPRS performance tests 9 years ago
jansson add jansson recipe (from meta-openembedded.git) 8 years ago
libksba gnupg/libksba: Add gnupg/libksba from openembedded-contrib for debootstrap 11 years ago
libmnl libmnl: Import from meta-networking 8 years ago
libnetfilter update libnetfilter-conntrack from 1.0.2 to 1.0.4 8 years ago
libnfnetlink import libnfnetlink from meta-openembedded.git 8 years ago
libspatialite libspatialite: Upgrade to version 4.2.0 9 years ago
lm_sensors lmsensors-apps: Ask lmsensors to install man pages to the right directory 10 years ago
nfacct nfacct: RDEPENDS should be ${PN} specific 8 years ago
openvpn openvpn: Move to OpenVPN v2.3.6 and systemd service files 9 years ago
proj Import from meta-oe to have a spatial enabled sqlite 9 years ago
python jsonrpclib: add recipe for jsonrpclib 8 years ago
sispmctl sispmctl: Add utility to control the power outlet strip 8 years ago
socat socat: update to 8 years ago
tcpdump tcpdump: Speculative fix for dora 9 years ago
ulogd ulogd: Disable building pgsql/mysql output plugins 8 years ago
uucp uucp: Add missing configuration file 8 years ago
vlan vlan: Add a vlan configuration utility as used on the OHM 10 years ago