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Omar Ramadan 7951329ce3
Add OC-2G u-boot
4 years ago
classes make sysmocom-archiver work for lc15 kernel 6 years ago
conf Add dnsmasq to machines with role bsc, not only sysmocom-bsc-image 5 years ago
recipes-apps task-sysmocom-feed: Add osmo-sysmon to feeds 4 years ago
recipes-bsp Add OC-2G u-boot 4 years ago
recipes-config Drop openggsn config leftovers 5 years ago
recipes-connectivity Import zeromq and its dependency libsodium from meta-oe.git 6 years ago
recipes-core init-install: Fix grub menuentry gen after poky upgrade 5 years ago
recipes-devtools Add omapconf recipe from 6 years ago
recipes-extra atftp: Update recipe to latest meta-oe to fix compilation issues 5 years ago
recipes-fixes Replace systemd_unitdir/system with systemd_system_unitdir 6 years ago
recipes-support Add sysdev remap 4 years ago
recipes-sysmobts osmo-bts: Package osmo-bts-virtual 4 years ago
yocto-fixes Drop multi OpenEmbedded version support and target pyro or later 6 years ago
.gitignore misc: Ignore files generated by vi 10 years ago Enable use for different machines 6 years ago