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Harald Welte d44da082be Import pps-tools recipe from current meta-oe master 7 years ago
classes backports: add linux-backports driver package 7 years ago
conf sysmocom-odu: add defconfig for sysmocom-odu and remove kernel modules from the machine config 7 years ago
recipes-apps tasks-sysmocom-feed: Add logrotate to our sysmocom feed. 7 years ago
recipes-bsp ntp: Upgrade to patch level 1 for additional security fixes 7 years ago
recipes-config sysmocom-openvpn-config: Always start but rename the config file 7 years ago
recipes-core busybox: After renaming the the bbappend rename the configs we use 7 years ago
recipes-devtools/i2c-tools i2c-tools: Do not use autotootls as bbclass 7 years ago
recipes-extra uucp: Add missing configuration file 7 years ago
recipes-fixes systemd: Only add the service once... 7 years ago
recipes-support/pps-tools Import pps-tools recipe from current meta-oe master 7 years ago
recipes-sysmobts osmo-bts: Ignore failures on symlinking 7 years ago
yocto-dizzy busybox: Catch up with yocto-master and rename our recipe 7 years ago
yocto-dora busybox: Only apply the patch on busybox 1.21 7 years ago
yocto-master busybox-1.21.1: Update the defconfig and re-enable the following 8 years ago
yocto-shared sdk: Put gpsd-dev into the sdk as well 7 years ago
.gitignore misc: Ignore files generated by vi 9 years ago