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# makefile to set-up the environment for building...
# This is probably only working with GNU make. The file is structured
# to have variables in the beginning, some helper functions, then so
# implicit rules and in the end targets that invoke them all.
# If you need to change sysmocom release or poky base branch then the
# two variables need to be changed.
# If you add a machine then MACHINES need to be adjusted and a new config
# in cfg/NAME/10_NAME needs to be created.
# Implicit rules: I used WILDCARD-action for the rules and then get the
# name of the rule from $@ in the rule itself or % when still being in
# the dependency list.
# Make everything more verbose by V=1. Taken from kbuild
ifeq ("$(origin V)", "command line")
Q =
Q = @
# Variables
REPOS=poky meta-telephony meta-sysmocom-bsp meta-qt5 meta-sysmocom-bsp meta-smalltalk
MACHINES=sysmobts sysmocom-apu2 sysmocom-alix
# The default targets to pick depending on machine
BUILD_TARGET_sysmobts = "meta-toolchain-osmo task-sysmocom-feed sysmocom-nitb-image sysmocom-nitb-rauc-image image-rauc-rescue-initramfs image-rauc-slot-initramfs image-rauc-ubi"
BUILD_TARGET_sysmocom-apu2 = "core-image-minimal-initramfs meta-toolchain-osmo task-sysmocom-feed sysmocom-nitb-image core-image-minimal-initramfs"
BUILD_TARGET_sysmocom-alix = "core-image-minimal-initramfs meta-toolchain-osmo task-sysmocom-feed sysmocom-nitb-image core-image-minimal-initramfs"
# Pick the one depending on $@. Not sure if .SECONDEXPANSION is more
# approiate here or not.
@echo "Pick a target like help, update or sysmocom-alix-setup"
@echo "Set-up build environment and execute builds. This is intended"
@echo "for customers and employees."
@echo ""
@echo "Available targets:"
@echo " usage - Default target and print usage"
@echo " help - This output"
@echo " update - git pull --rebase and initial git clone"
@echo " setup-all - Set-up all build directories"
@echo " build-all - Build all targets"
@echo " clean-all - Clean all targets after build"
@echo " upload-all - Upload all targets"
@echo ' install-ssh-config - Install Host to $$HOME/.ssh/config'
@echo "Board specific targets:"
@$(foreach machine, $(MACHINES), \
printf " %-16s - Configure build directory\\n" $(machine)-setup;)
@$(foreach machine, $(MACHINES), \
printf " %-16s - Configure build directory\\n" $(machine)-build;)
@$(foreach machine, $(MACHINES), \
printf " %-16s - Configure build directory\\n" $(machine)-upload;)
@echo "Available variables:"
@echo " V=1 - Enable verbose command output"
@echo " SYSMOCOM_RELEASE=name - Pick branch during clone"
@echo " POKY_RELEASE=name - Pick branch during clone"
# Fetch/update all repos... Expand REPOS and append -update to the rule
# e.g. poky-update meta-telephony-update
update: $(foreach repo, $(REPOS), $(repo)-update)
# helper rules
# crazy as I don't know a split()[0]
CUR_MACHINE=$(subst build.,,$(subst -upload,,$(subst -clean,,$(subst -build,,$@))))
## Create a new directory
$(V)mkdir $@
## Clone repositories. The other option is by variable something like BRNACH_poky, REPO_poky
git/poky: | git
$(V)cd git && git clone --branch=$(POKY_RELEASE) --depth=1 git://
git/meta-sysmocom-bsp: | git
cd git && git clone --branch=$(SYSMOCOM_RELEASE) git://
git/meta-telephony: | git
cd git && git clone --branch=$(SYSMOCOM_RELEASE) git://
git/meta-smalltalk: | git
cd git && git clone --branch=$(SYSMOCOM_RELEASE) git://
git/meta-qt5: | git
cd git && git clone --branch=$(SYSMOCOM_RELEASE) git://
## Create a build directory, e.g. build.sysmobts
## Use Poky to set-up the directory and then customize it. Copy files
## around and append to the local.conf and layers.conf
CFG_FILES = $(sort $(wildcard cfg/common/*)) $(sort $(wildcard cfg/$(CUR_MACHINE)/*))
build.%: | git/poky
@echo "Creating build directory for $(CUR_MACHINE)"
$(Q)/bin/bash -c "source git/poky/oe-init-build-env $@"
# Append entries to conf/local.conf. Common first, machine second... filter
$(Q)$(foreach file,$(CFG_FILES), \
cat $(file) | sed s,BASE_DIR,$(PWD), >> $@/conf/local.conf;)
@echo "require conf/distro/include/sysmocom-defaults.conf" >> $@/conf/local.conf
$(Q)cat cfg/bblayers.conf | sed s,BASE_DIR,$(PWD), > $@/conf/bblayers.conf
# generic git pull --rebase rule. Let's assume this is matching poky-update
# then the dependency will be "git/poky" and a clone rule will be built.
%-update: | git/$(subst -update,,%)
@echo "Updating $(subst -update,,$@) ..."
$(Q)cd git/$(subst -update,,$@) && git pull --rebase
# Setup a build directory
%-setup: | build.$(subst -setup,,%) git/poky
@echo "Please place proprietary firmware into the downloads directory."
# Start a build..
%-build: | build.$(subst -build,,%) git/poky
$(Q)/bin/bash -c "source git/poky/oe-init-build-env build.$(CUR_MACHINE) && bitbake $(BUILD_TARGETS)"
%-upload: | build.$(subst -upload,,%) git/poky
$(Q)cd build.$(CUR_MACHINE) && ../scripts/ $(CUR_MACHINE) $(FEED_NAME)
# Create all build directories, build everything, upload everything, clean everything
setup-all: | $(foreach machine, $(MACHINES), $(machine)-setup)
build-all: | $(foreach machine, $(MACHINES), $(machine)-build)
upload-all: | $(foreach machine, $(MACHINES), $(machine)-upload)
clean-all: | $(foreach machine, $(MACHINES), $(machine)-clean)
install-ssh-config: | $(HOME)/.ssh
ifndef SSH_HOST
$(error "Please call with make $@ SSH_HOST=xyz...")
ifndef SSH_PORT
$(error "Please call with make $@ SSH_PORT=abc...")
ifndef SSH_USER
$(error "Please call with make $@ SSH_USER=def...")
@echo "Host = sysmocom-downloads" >> $(HOME)/.ssh/config
@echo " HostName = $(SSH_HOST)" >> $(HOME)/.ssh/config
@echo " Port = $(SSH_PORT)" >> $(HOME)/.ssh/config
@echo " AddressFamily = inet" >> $(HOME)/.ssh/config
@echo " User = $(SSH_USER)" >> $(HOME)/.ssh/config
# Target classification
.PHONY: update setup-all install-ssh-config
.SECONDARY: $(foreach repo, $(REPOS), git/$(repo)) $(foreach machine, $(MACHINES), build.$(machine))