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# Upload build results, config and cache to the downloads server. Use
# make install-ssh-config SSH_PORT=XYZ SSH_HOST=abc SSH_USER=foo to
# install the right entry for the .ssh/config.
if [ $# -ne 2 ]; then
echo "Need to pass MACHINE RELEASE as argument for upload"
exit 1
set -ex
rsync --delete -avz tmp/deploy/ipk/ sysmocom-downloads:$1/$2/ipk
rsync --delete -avz tmp/deploy/images/ sysmocom-downloads:$1/$2/images
rsync --delete -avz tmp/deploy/tools/ sysmocom-downloads:$1/$2/tools
rsync --delete -avz tmp/deploy/sdk/ sysmocom-downloads:$1/$2/sdk
rsync --delete -avz tmp/cache/ sysmocom-downloads:$1/$2/cache-state
rsync --delete -avz cache/ sysmocom-downloads:$1/$2/cache
rsync --delete -avz conf/ sysmocom-downloads:$1/$2/conf
rsync -avz tmp/deploy/sources/ sysmocom-downloads:$1/$2/sources