A simple ACS/tr069 server to configure femto cells.
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Author: Alexander Couzens <lynxis@fe80.eu>
# (C) 2021 by sysmocom - s.f.m.c. GmbH <info@sysmocom.de>
import configparser
import logging
from xml.etree.ElementTree import fromstring
from flask import Flask, make_response, render_template, request, session
from flask_caching import Cache
from flask_kvsession import KVSessionExtension
from simplekv.fs import FilesystemStore
from xmlutils import *
LOG = logging.getLogger("acs_emu")
STORE = FilesystemStore('./data')
app = Flask("acs_emu")
KVSessionExtension(STORE, app)
cache = Cache()
cache.init_app(app=app, config={"CACHE_TYPE": 'FileSystemCache', "CACHE_DIR": "./cache"})
def send_configuration(serial, push):
""" write to the 'database' if this serial needs a configuration """
cache.set(serial, push)
def need_configuration(serial):
""" does this device needs a new configuration? """
need = cache.get(serial)
if need is None:
cache.set(serial, True)
return True
return need
def generate_config(params=None, serial=None, config_file='./config/femtocells.ini'):
""" return a params dict for setparams from the config file """
if params is None:
params = {}
config = configparser.ConfigParser()
def read_config_to_params(section):
for key in config[section]:
val, xmltype = config[section][key].split('|')
params[key] = {'value': val, 'xmltype': xmltype}
LOG.error("Failed to parse %s key %s with value %s", section, key, config[section][key])
if serial and serial in config:
return params
@app.route('/', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def root():
return 'This is a femto-acs/tr069 server'
def inform(tree, node):
""" handle a device Inform request """
cwmpid = get_cwmp_id(tree)
serial = get_cwmp_inform_serial(node)
events = get_cwmp_inform_events(node)
session['serial'] = serial
if '0 BOOTSTRAP' in events or '1 BOOT' in events:
send_configuration(serial, True)
LOG.error("Device %s booted", serial)
LOG.error("Device %s informed us. cwmpipd %s. Events %s", serial, cwmpid, ", ".join(events))
response = make_response(render_template('inform.jinja.xml', cwmpid=cwmpid))
response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'text/xml; charset="utf-8"'
response.headers['SOAPServer'] = 'femto-acs/1.1.1'
response.headers['Server'] = 'femto-acs/1.1.1'
return response
def send_setparams():
""" request a setparams """
# e.g. params are {name: "arfcn", xmltype: "xsd:int", value: "23"}
serial = session['serial']
params = {}
params = generate_config(params, serial)
# keep track if we already sent out a response
LOG.error("Device %s sending configuration", serial)
send_configuration(serial, True)
response = make_response(render_template('setparams.jinja.xml',
cwmpid=23, params=params, length_params=len(params)))
response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'text/xml'
return response
def setparams_response(tree, node):
""" handle the setparams response """
serial = session['serial']
status = get_cwmp_setresponse_status(node)
if status is not None:
if status == '0':
LOG.error("Device %s applied configuration changes without reboot", serial)
elif status == '1':
LOG.error("Device %s applied configuration changes but require a reboot", serial)
LOG.error("Device %s returned unknown status value (%s)", serial)
send_configuration(serial, False)
response = make_response()
response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'text/xml'
return response
@app.route('/acs', methods=['GET', 'POST'])
def acs():
""" main tr069/acs entry point """
if request.method == 'GET':
return 'This is a femoto-acs/tr069 server'
if request.method != 'POST':
return 'There is nothing to show'
# POST requests
if request.content_type != 'text/xml':
return 'Wrong content type'
# when the client doesn't send us any data, it's ready for our request
if not request.content_length:
if 'serial' not in session:
LOG.error("Received an empty request from an unknown device. Can not generate configuration!")
return make_response()
if need_configuration(session['serial']):
return send_setparams()
LOG.error("Device %s already configured", session['serial'])
return make_response()
# some request content data
tree = fromstring(request.data)
return 'Could not parse the request as XML'
method = get_cwmp_method(tree)
if not method:
return 'Failed to get the cwmp method'
method, node = method
if method == "Inform":
return inform(tree, node)
if method == "SetParameterValuesResponse":
return setparams_response(tree, node)
return 'This is a femto-acs/tr069 server'
if __name__ == '__main__':