4044 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Daniel Vetter 47f956477d MAINTAINERS: Updates for drm/i915 8 years ago
Michal Simek c2fd4e3803 MAINTAINERS: set up proper record for Xilinx Zynq 8 years ago
Rob Herring 5d3ad8a638 MAINTAINERS: Update Rob Herring's email address 8 years ago
Davidlohr Bueso 584ec97942 MAINTAINERS: add Davidlohr as GPT maintainer 8 years ago
Steffen Klassert d1fc502476 MAINTAINERS: Update the IPsec maintainer entry 8 years ago
Namjae Jeon 809625ca54 MAINTAINERS: fix incorrect mail address of XFS maintainer 8 years ago
Santosh Shilimkar cffa8e3b5c MAINTAINERS: Add keystone clock drivers 8 years ago
Santosh Shilimkar 317929cd8e MAINTAINERS: Add keystone git tree information 8 years ago
Shawn Guo 2a82f95c3f MAINTAINERS: merge IMX6 entry into IMX 8 years ago
Bjorn Helgaas f0b75693cb MAINTAINERS: Add DesignWare, i.MX6, Armada, R-Car PCI host maintainers 8 years ago
Linus Walleij f2fa75cdf8 MAINTAINERS: update GPIO maintainers entry 8 years ago
Jeff Kirsher df48ada4f8 MAINTAINERS: Update Intel Wired Ethernet LAN Maintainers 8 years ago
Trond Myklebust cd7b996aa6 MAINTAINERS: Update contact information for Trond Myklebust 8 years ago
Chris Mason c0778e2534
Btrfs: update the MAINTAINERS file 8 years ago
Greg Kroah-Hartman eee52f9edd USB: switch maintainership of chipidea to Peter 8 years ago
Stephen Warren 2bfb66c279 MAINTAINERS: remove swarren from DT bindings 8 years ago
Kumar Gala bdbff6bad8 MAINTAINERS: Add Kumar to Device Tree Binding maintainers group 8 years ago
Arvid Brodin 19990e29fe MAINTAINERS: Added net/hsr/ maintainer 8 years ago
Sebastian Reichel 3441cded65 MAINTAINERS: add HSI subsystem 8 years ago
Haiyang Zhang f92ca80b28 MAINTAINERS: add keyboard driver to Hyper-V file list 8 years ago
Haiyang Zhang bd77c32194 MAINTAINERS - add keyboard driver to Hyper-V file list 8 years ago
Olof Johansson ab0431059e platform: add chrome platform directory 8 years ago
Johannes Thumshirn ccdfb97972 EDAC: Add edac-mpc85xx driver to MAINTAINERS 8 years ago
Petko Manolov 052e312815 MAINTAINERS: Update Pegasus and RTL8150 repositories; 8 years ago
Wei Ni aae7bce481 Documentation: dt: hwmon: Add OF document for LM90 8 years ago
Joe Perches 7486d6da09 MAINTAINERS: Update file patterns in the lockdep and scheduler entries 8 years ago
Ben Myers ec715cacd5 xfs: update maintainers 8 years ago
Divy Le Ray cdc9923974 MAINTAINERS: cxgb3: Update cxgb3 maintainer entry 8 years ago
Jean Delvare b300645aec MAINTAINERS: update Zwane Mwaikambo's e-mail address 8 years ago
Jingoo Han 07eb6597c0 MAINTAINERS: remove Richard Purdie as backlight maintainer 8 years ago
Michael Opdenacker 54886a7153 cramfs: mark as obsolete 8 years ago
Linus Walleij 4d7e8061b7 MAINTAINERS: drop discontinued mailing list 8 years ago
Mike Snitzer 41d35d25e9 MAINTAINERS: add reference to device-mapper's linux-dm.git tree 8 years ago
Sebastian Hesselbarth 4e3faf8863 MAINTAINERS: mv643xx_eth: take over maintainership from Lennart 8 years ago
Eilon Greenstein 28fb965524 MAINTAINERS: Update bnx2x maintainer 8 years ago
Robert Richter 836dae5d00 edac, highbank: Add MAINTAINERS entry 8 years ago
Greg KH f896b7968b USB: Maintainers change for usb serial drivers 8 years ago
Thierry Reding 006e854f15 MAINTAINERS: Move PWM subsystem tree to kernel.org 8 years ago
Greg KH 7d49f0bac4 USB: Maintainers change for usb serial drivers 8 years ago
Ramkumar Ramachandra a94b40a630 MAINTAINERS: add tree for kvm.git 8 years ago
Ramkumar Ramachandra e3e58478c2 MAINTAINERS: fix broken link to www.linux-kvm.org 8 years ago
Michal Marek 5eb1f99ea1 MAINTAINERS: New kconfig maintainer 8 years ago
Thierry Reding dee8268f8f drm/tegra: Move driver to DRM tree 8 years ago
Thierry Reding e1e906448d gpu: host1x: Make host1x header file public 8 years ago
Eddie Wai f69098c54a [SCSI] MAINTAINER: Updated maintainer info for bnx2fc 8 years ago
Dave Jiang 18ebd564e4 MAINTAINERS: add to ioatdma maintainer list 8 years ago
Vinod Koul 17b59560ef MAINTAINERS: add the new dmaengine mailing list 8 years ago
Peter Huewe 901486b89b tpm: MAINTAINERS: Add myself as tpm maintainer 8 years ago
Mark Jackson c351e29018 ARM: dts: Add support for Newflow NanoBone board 8 years ago
Mark Brown d7f8761b66 ALSA: Add MAINTAINERS entry for dmaengine helpers 8 years ago