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Steven Rostedt d75f717e19 tracing: Remove tracepoint sample code 9 years ago
Will Drewry 8ac270d1e2 Documentation: prctl/seccomp_filter 10 years ago
Ohad Ben-Cohen 779b96d20c samples/rpmsg: add an rpmsg driver sample 10 years ago
Alan Ott c54ea4918c HID: Documentation for hidraw 11 years ago
Jason Wessel 4aad8f51d0 kdb: Add kdb kernel module sample 11 years ago
Stefani Seibold 5bf2b19320 kfifo: add example files to the kernel sample directory 12 years ago
Christoph Hellwig fc5377668c tracing: Remove markers 13 years ago
K.Prasad 432039933a hw-breakpoints: sample HW breakpoint over kernel data address 13 years ago
Steven Rostedt 9cfe06f8cd tracing/events: add trace-events-sample 13 years ago
Mathieu Desnoyers 4a0897526b tracing: tracepoints, samples 14 years ago
Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli 804defea1c Kprobes: move kprobe examples to samples/ 14 years ago
Greg Kroah-Hartman 40efcb05f2 kobject: add sample code for how to use kobjects in a simple manner. 14 years ago
Mathieu Desnoyers 31155bc03e Linux Kernel Markers - Samples 14 years ago