util: Fix implicit enum conversion

GCC10 complains about the following:

src/smsutil.c: In function ‘sms_text_prepare_with_alphabet’:
src/smsutil.c:3594:8: error: implicit conversion from ‘enum sms_alphabet’ to ‘enum gsm_dialect’ [-Werror=enum-conversion]
 3594 |        alphabet, &used_locking,

smsutil and util has an enum each for representing
the same thing; The SMS alphabet. They share the same
values, so an explicit type cast makes GCC happy.
Richard Röjfors 2 years ago committed by Denis Kenzior
parent 66cd5df5d7
commit 429a5a57da

@ -3575,6 +3575,7 @@ GSList *sms_text_prepare_with_alphabet(const char *to, const char *utf8,
GSList *r = NULL;
enum gsm_dialect used_locking;
enum gsm_dialect used_single;
enum gsm_dialect dialect;
memset(&template, 0, sizeof(struct sms));
template.type = SMS_TYPE_SUBMIT;
@ -3586,12 +3587,14 @@ GSList *sms_text_prepare_with_alphabet(const char *to, const char *utf8,
template.submit.vp.relative = 0xA7; /* 24 Hours */
sms_address_from_string(&template.submit.daddr, to);
/* There are two enums for the same thing */
dialect = (enum gsm_dialect)alphabet;
* UDHI, UDL, UD and DCS actually depend on the contents of
* the text, and also on the GSM dialect we use to encode it.
gsm_encoded = convert_utf8_to_gsm_best_lang(utf8, -1, NULL, &written, 0,
alphabet, &used_locking,
dialect, &used_locking,
if (!gsm_encoded) {
size_t converted;