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@ -22,12 +22,42 @@ To compile and install run:
make && make install
Embedded Linux library
In order to compile the daemon and utilities the development version of
Embedded Linux library is required to be present. The development
repositories can be found here:
The build systems requires that the Embedded Linux library source code
is available on the same top level directory as the source code:
|--- ell
| |--- ell
| `--- unit
`--- ofono
|--- src
`--- tools
It is not required to build or install Embedded Linux library. The build
will happen when building the Wireless daemon and it will then be linked
When using --enable-external-ell build option, it is not required that the
Embedded Linux library source code is available in the top level directory.
Kernel Dependencies
In order to have the PPP stack working in oFono you need to enable CONFIG_TUN
(Universal TUN/TAP device driver support) in your kernel .config.