doc: added PCI, TAC, SNR property in networkmonitor-api

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@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ uint16 PrimaryScramblingCode [optional, umts]
Contains the scrambling code. Valid range of values is 0-512.
byte TimingAdvance [optional, gsm]
byte TimingAdvance [optional, gsm, lte]
Contains the Timing Advance. Valid range of values is 0-219.
@ -165,3 +165,17 @@ byte ChannelQualityIndicator [optional, lte]
Contains Channel Quality Indicator. Refer to Channel Quality
Indicator definition in 36.213, Section 7.2.3 for more details.
uint16 PhysicalCellId [optional, lte]
Contains Physical Cell Id. Valid range of values is 0-503.
uint16 TrackingAreaCode [optional, lte]
Contains Tracking Area Code. Valid range of values is 0-65535.
int32 SingalToNoiseRatio [optional, lte]
Contains Signal To Noise Ratio. Valid range of values is -200 to +300.
The value is in 0.1 dB units. (-200 = -20.0 dB, +300 = 30dB)
Refer to <snr> in 36.101, Section 8.1.1 for more details.