simutil: add validate_utf8_tlv

Add helper to validate if TLV value is a valid UTF8 string.
Note that both null-terminated and non null-terminated UTF8
strings are considered valid.
Sergey Matyukevich 2 years ago committed by Denis Kenzior
parent 7b3840c5ce
commit bae8ebe907

@ -765,6 +765,20 @@ unsigned char *comprehension_tlv_builder_get_data(
return tlv + tag_size + len_size;
gboolean validate_utf8_tlv(const unsigned char *tlv)
int len = tlv[1];
if (len == 0)
return FALSE;
/* support both null-terminated and non null-terminated TLV value */
if (tlv[len + 1] == '\0')
len -= 1;
return g_utf8_validate_len((const char *)tlv + 2, len, NULL);
static char *sim_network_name_parse(const unsigned char *buffer, int length,
gboolean *add_ci)

@ -403,6 +403,7 @@ gboolean comprehension_tlv_builder_set_length(
unsigned int len);
unsigned char *comprehension_tlv_builder_get_data(
struct comprehension_tlv_builder *builder);
gboolean validate_utf8_tlv(const unsigned char *data);
void ber_tlv_iter_init(struct ber_tlv_iter *iter, const unsigned char *pdu,
unsigned int len);