OpenBLT bootloader with extensions for some sysmocom devices (like rfdsatt)
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\defgroup Prog_ARMCM3_STM32F1_Olimexino_STM32_CubeIDE User Program
\ingroup ARMCM3_STM32F1_Olimexino_STM32_CubeIDE
\brief User Program.
\details The intention of the demo user program is two-fold. (1) To test the
bootloader, you need some sort of firmware to see if you can perform a
firmware update with the bootloader. This program can be used for this
purpose. (2) To make firmware programmable by the bootloader, a few
adjustments to the firmware are required. The demo user program serves as an
example for how these adjustments can be implemented. Additional details on
this subject can be found in the port specifics documentation, which is
available at: