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blogic 8d615537e2 ar71xx: add support for TL-WA701ND v2 8 years ago
nbd 81dcdec99a tools/mtd-utils: add mirror md5sum 8 years ago
nbd afab6bd3ff findutils: add dependency on bison 8 years ago
nbd 844cf5f85f tools/libtool: add missing dependency on m4 9 years ago
nbd bf8b0205dd tools/bc: add missing dependency on bison 9 years ago
nbd 5accfc93c5 tools/flex: disable building shared 9 years ago
blogic 9d04b76407 firmware-utils: made mkdir615h1 work for all Senao-produced devices as mksenaofw and cleaned up some of its formatting 9 years ago
nbd e345c9a277 create branch for barrier breaker (from trunk r41863) 9 years ago