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# Copyright (C) 2007
# This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.
# See /LICENSE for more information.
$(curdir)/builddirs:=linux sdk imagebuilder toolchain
$(curdir)/builddirs-install:=linux $(if $(CONFIG_SDK),sdk) $(if $(CONFIG_IB),imagebuilder) $(if $(CONFIG_MAKE_TOOLCHAIN),toolchain)
$(eval $(call stampfile,$(curdir),target,prereq,.config))
$(eval $(call stampfile,$(curdir),target,compile,$(TMP_DIR)/.build))
$(eval $(call stampfile,$(curdir),target,install,$(TMP_DIR)/.build))
$($(curdir)/stamp-install): $($(curdir)/stamp-compile)
$(eval $(call subdir,$(curdir)))