Philipp Maier ee5c2d77b4 tests/sja2: change card in test rig
The sysmo-usim-sja2 which is currently used for testing somewhat old. In
order to have a defined state here lets exchange it with a new card.
This will also ensure that we have a card with the most recent card
profile in the tester.
2021-04-21 11:59:35 +02:00
sja2 tests/sja2: change card in test rig 2021-04-21 11:59:35 +02:00
sjs1 sysmoUSIM-SJA2: detect installed applications (ISIM/USIM) 2020-03-17 11:13:52 +01:00
run-tests tests: Make sure tests do not return with 0 on failure 2020-02-18 13:34:54 +01:00