sysmocom - s.f.m.c. GmbH

Berlin-based Open Source company related to mobile communications infrastructure

Berlin, Germany

Tool to (re)configure the sysmoUSIM and sysmoISIM cards

Updated 2 weeks ago

small tool for controlling digital RF step atteunators attached via linux GPIOs

Updated 2 years ago

Tool to set MAC address in EEPROM of RTL8168/8111E devices

Updated 9 months ago

Updated 2 years ago

OpenBLT bootloader with extensions for some sysmocom devices (like rfdsatt)

Updated 1 year ago

Updated 6 days ago

ofono with local patches/modifications

Updated 2 years ago

original development tree for Linux kernel GTP module; now long in mainline.

Updated 2 years ago

Utility for setting RTC based on gpsd time

Updated 2 months ago

A simple ACS/tr069 server to configure femto cells.

Updated 1 year ago

Utility to route USB ports to EHCI (instead of XHCI) on AMD APU SoCs.

Updated 1 year ago