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Harald Welte 5bf8ff5571 OWHW: add 'sysmocom-owhw-image' and ensure usb2514 + bossa is included 2016-06-23 00:40:16 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther f3ffbf4db3 task-sysmocom-feed: Add linux sctp library to the feed
libosmo-netif gained SCTP support and we should be able to provide

Related: SYS#2524
2016-03-23 11:52:19 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther dc69479f0f sysmocom-backup: Fix creating of back-ups for external files
* The file we install is called default.files and not *.backup
* Spotted by Lazlo while creating a backup on the latest system
2015-12-15 11:00:10 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 9170107271 task-sysmocom-feed: Attempt to put perf into the feed as well
Make perf (perf-python, perf-perl) available to us as well. Let's
see what the CI is saying about it.
2015-11-20 22:13:23 +00:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 8ce4ab4927 sysmocom-backup-data: Avoid an absolute symlink to fix restoring
When restoring the backup the rootfs is mounted in /rootfs/data
and the symlink to the real file would then not work. Attempt to
change the directory first to get a relative symlink.

Untested change and needed for rauc
2015-11-20 21:45:34 +00:00
Jan Luebbe 8e104ac413 sysmocom-configure: add simple framework to run configuration scripts
The configuration scripts are named for the systemd units for which they
generate configuration files. The generator causes them to run before
those units are started.
2015-10-13 17:36:42 +02:00
Jan Luebbe 4d66b042e4 sysmocom-backup-data: do not enable the restore service automatically
This is needed for an upcoming change which will restore the backup from
the initramfs.

Signed-off-by: Jan Luebbe <>
2015-09-08 14:36:03 +02:00
Henning Heinold 8fd695e69b fix several items
* use printf instead of echo
* add missing /etc/ for the udhcpc-default file
* add log-entries for all shell actions in the
  post image setup
* generate comments in all files which are touched

Related: SYS#1774
2015-08-20 08:05:12 +02:00
Henning Heinold 4d0adcb963 netcat-openbsd: adding the recipe from meta-networking in meta-openembedded
Fixes: SYS#1962

[hfreyther: Add mising task-sysmocom-feed entry]
2015-08-18 14:09:32 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther d777b0ecd0 sysmocom-backup: Store the UUCP data as well
Store UUCP configuration in the backup as well.
2015-08-11 14:09:12 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 2a2a0cf499 sysmocom-backup: Create a single sysmocom-backup-default
We can not have sysmocom-backup-default and sysmocom-backup-data-default
installed at the same time. I don't want to play games with RREPLACE and
RPROVIDES either. So simply use one of the two files. Copy the two more
default values over to the other recipe.
2015-08-11 14:08:41 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther fdc0560b63 rauc: Create default files for a rauc slot to be used by the image
Create a sysmocom-nitb-rauc-image and create a rauc packagegroup
with the default depdencies and an include file to be used by
other images. This assumes that has been
included first.
2015-08-11 10:02:40 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 79545ec6cd sysmoocom-backup-data: Optimize taking a backup
With the ro image we have a cheap way to figure out which
files were changed. We can run cmp between the to be backed
up file. This way the stored data will be minimal in the
sense of changed files.
2015-08-10 15:19:44 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 09dbe7bd33 sysmocom-backup-data: Restore all files that were saved
The backup system allows to define which other files to store
so we should just restore everything regardless of where the
file is coming from.
2015-08-10 15:19:36 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther d1a9e0efbc sysmocom-backup-data: Fix the restore service
When the normal backup script is not installed the issue became
unnoticable. Use the new/right name for the backup script.
2015-08-10 15:19:29 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther cc6c1da7a0 sysmocom-backup-data: Store the machine-id and ssh host key 2015-08-07 19:28:52 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 4ba1d03895 sysmocom-backup-data: Fix the glob to load additional files list
The defaults.files ends with files and not backup.
2015-08-07 19:26:20 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther b4124f6924 sysmocom-backup-data: Allow to install in parallel 2015-08-07 19:25:06 +02:00
Jan Luebbe 2ad885f06a systemd: ship emergency.service which triggers a reboot
This reboots the system instead of starting a shell on boot problems.
Because the slot will only be marked as sucessfully booted as the last
step in a normal boot, repeated emergency boots will cause a fallback at
the boot chooser level to the other slot.

Testing this is possible by passing 'emergency' via the kernel command
2015-08-07 19:20:43 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 6597f246c5 autossh: Force B=S because this is using autoconf and not automake
autossh is not using automake and has a broken buildsystem. For it
to build in the source directory.
2015-07-19 21:26:47 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 1422f63b03 autossh: Add a small ssh spawner/link tester 2015-07-12 11:50:02 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther e2d36a57d4 task-sysmocom-feed: Build the new rtl8169-eeprom
We want this to be installable for the IDU system and for now
let's put it into the feed.
2015-07-11 08:56:10 +02:00
Jan Luebbe 5b5741f314 sysmocom-backup-data: add alternative package for overlay based systems
When using squashfs + overlayfs a root, we need to store the backup
somewhere else and restore it on every boot. Do avoid breaking existing
users, this is implemented in a separate recipe (as suggested by Holger).
2015-07-02 22:09:29 +02:00
Jan Luebbe f7b01afb65 sysmocom-backup: make file list configurable
Move the default file list to a separate file in /etc/sysmocom/backup.d,
which is itself included in the backup. Also create a symlink to the
most recent backup.
2015-06-26 10:01:15 +02:00
Henning Heinold 29faf705ed packagegroup-sysmobts-sob: add iproute2-misc package
Fixes: SYS#1609
2015-06-20 21:26:49 +02:00
Jan Luebbe 6fdbf6bc94 sysmocom-image: build a squashfs image as well
The /boot directory is excluded from the squashfs image only, as in that
case it is stored separately. This allows booting normal sysmocom images
as rauc slots.
2015-06-15 17:18:44 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther e5177cd80c task-sysmocom-feed: Build python-enum as well 2015-06-09 23:37:15 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther e9cb8049b0 ping: Provide a "flood" ping for the sob group
Related: SYS#1657
2015-05-22 00:42:23 +08:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther bbfff1e487 task-sysmocom-feed: Build perl and include the new modules
We want these modules to be available, specially to
determine the real depedencies and then to fix them.
2015-05-21 18:15:35 +08:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 753b6db019 Create sysmobts-sob task and make sure the real ifupdown is installed
Add the new task to task-sysmocom-feed so it is being built by
default in our CI infrastructure.

make iputils available as well for people wanting to use a real

Related: SYS#1190
2015-05-21 15:17:11 +08:00
Henning Heinold a89b5587e2 new image snippet to set a static dns configuration
Fixes: SYS#1126
2015-05-19 21:10:02 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther ad976e4eb3 task-sysmocom-feed: Make the python json rpc available 2015-04-13 16:55:43 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther dd3b1def75 tasks-symocom-feed: Make the real ifupdown available and iproute2 2015-04-13 16:54:25 +02:00
Henning Heinold 3665ee11ce images: add snippet for writing the sysmocom.manifest
Fixes: SYS#1470
2015-04-10 19:11:15 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 675690cc52 tasks-sysmocom-feed: Add logrotate to our sysmocom feed.
Related: SYS#1189
2015-02-22 13:29:55 +01:00
Harald Welte 38d1587db5 add pciutils to task-sysmocom-feed
It is handy to have it on the APU/BSC/NITB/IDU
2015-02-20 11:32:56 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 5d56fdb07e task-sysmocom-feed: Make sure nfacct is in our feed as well
We want to use nfacct for better monitoring/matching. Put it
into the feed to be able to experiment with it.
2015-02-16 23:42:39 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 8cff638993 bridge-utils: Import from meta-oe 2015-02-13 10:17:50 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 53c20998d8 task-sysmocom-feed: Add python-pyserial/python-pexpect as well 2015-02-12 16:30:33 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther a0f0c46385 tasks-symocom-feed: Make CU available 2015-02-12 16:24:16 +01:00
Henning Heinold 1ed9350964 sysmocom-udhcpd-config: start the udhcpd on the sysmocom-bsc only when eth1 is present
* the change affects the config file, so the package number
  is bumped

Related: SYS#735
2014-12-12 18:49:38 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther ffdbc76ae8 misc: Start using "packagegroup-osmocom"
The notion of "task" has been deprecated for a long time because
the word is used for different things. The new word is "packagegroup"
which describes the usage of "task-*" in a more obvious way. Dora
and master builds can fully use packagegroup-* for everything and
for edison we would need to spend some time to add a provides for
packagegroup-* to the task- group. I don't intend to work on the
edison part right now.
2014-11-14 14:16:31 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther da06a847b5 misc: poky/LICENSE has changed.. reference a hopefully more stable file
Only reference the COPYING.MIT as it is unlikely to change in
the next upgrade.
2014-11-08 14:44:34 +01:00
Henning Heinold 4fb99f81c4 sysmocom-udhcpd-config: fix network mask
* the entry "option	subnet" takes the
  subnet mask not the subnet address,
  while the busybox dhcp-client was
  fine with it, the isc-dhcp-client complained with
  Error: an inet prefix is expected rather than "".
2014-11-04 23:51:13 +01:00
Henning Heinold 8800a441a1 sysmocom-udhcpd-config: add systemd startup file
Fixes: SYS#735
2014-11-04 23:50:25 +01:00
Henning Heinold db14ffd17b i2c-tools: add the i2c-tools
* use the recipe from oe-core master
* add it to task-sysmocom-feed

Fixes: SYS#692
2014-10-28 15:23:03 +01:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 0fe0571683 misc-images: Remove images we are rarely/not using
The concept of directdisk image is overhauled as we are now
having a initramfs that can flash the next image through USB.
The dedicated E1/IP images are rarely to never used and did
probably bit-rot. For the next time we provide such a system
we can simply (write a script to) install the additional feed.
2014-10-24 20:16:44 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther 35ec4c11d9 task-sysmocom-feed: Provide a real "ip" as well 2014-10-07 21:21:10 +02:00
Holger Hans Peter Freyther c9952b5155 task-sysmocom-feed: Provide cronie as a cron implementation 2014-10-07 16:59:48 +02:00
Henning Heinold d6aabdf6b9 recipes-images: add fragement to install sshkeys
Fixes: partly SYS#518
2014-09-25 17:43:58 +02:00