pespin/201705 #10

pespin merged 2 commits from pespin/201705 into 201705 2023-02-08 09:49:26 +00:00
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pespin added 2 commits 2023-02-08 09:48:44 +00:00
3fc844e59a osmo-bts: Depend on libosmo-netif
Since osmo-bts.git a2dc808acc5b99122e97c9013cb1ec2ae0c4a2a1, osmo-bts
depends on libosmo-netif. Let's add the dependency when building.
pespin merged commit 3fc844e59a into 201705 2023-02-08 09:49:26 +00:00
pespin deleted branch pespin/201705 2023-02-08 09:59:06 +00:00
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