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Harald Welte b417110988 Revert "migrate from git:// to" 2 weeks ago
backup-scripts Add backup scripts needed by OC-2G device remap 3 years ago
lc15-sysdev-remap lc15: Fix parse error: expansion of REPOGITFN 4 years ago
libsodium Import zeromq and its dependency libsodium from meta-oe.git 5 years ago
netcat-openbsd netcat-openbsd: Fix linking and use GNU_HASH for symbols 5 years ago
oc2g-sysdev-remap oc2g-sysdev-remap: Use systemd automount to mount /mnt/rom/* 3 years ago
pps-tools Revert "migrate from git:// to" 2 weeks ago